History and Mission Statement

Extendobed created and patented the first sliding truck bed in 1987. Since that time, Extendobed has been serving the professional community for over 27 years. Whether you are a Fireman, Police Officer, or Working Professional, Extendobed products allow you to be more efficient at your job. Extendobed takes pride in the custom designs created to fit specific needs of every profession.

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At Extendobed we make every effort to ensure our product is rugged, durable, and meets the professional demands of every day use. We are proud that our product is used in thousands of locations across the world and know that it helps assist in saving lives, time, and money. We are committed to continued excellence in the design and fabrication, to ensure every unit that leaves our facility will meet our customers’ needs for many years to come. In fact, many of our units, including the first ones built in 1987, are still in service today meeting heavy demands placed on them by our clients.
Our goal is to have every customer feel they would not want to work without an Extendobed because it is essential for their job.

Top Reasons to buy an Extendobed

Pioneer Ingenuity – Extendobed invented and patented the first telescoping truck bed slide 27 years ago.
Unbelievable Extension – Experience over 100% extension with our units.
Incredible Capacity – Our units have from 1000 to 3000 lb load limits.
Heavy Duty Assembly – Extendobeds are assembled with all-steel frames and high capacity roller bearings.
Industrial Durability – The first Extendobed produced is still operating in the field after 27 years of use.
Unique Custom Design – Our units not only fit your specific vehicle, but they fit your distinctive needs.
Time Saving Ability – Unload and load your unit in minutes with a forklift or by hand.
Safe Accessibility – Reach tools, equipment, and supplies without having to climb into your vehicle.
Amazing Organization Capability – Our units provide efficient use of your vehicle with equipment storage.
Intelligent Investment – You get what you pay for and your Extendobed will last as long as you need it.
Simple Transferability – You will have the ability to transfer the unit from one vehicle to the next.
Unwavering Commitment – All of our slides are manufactured in the USA.