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Backboard / Stokes Slot

Create room in your vehicle by adding a backboard or stokes basket slot. Our slots can accommodate multiple boards or a combination of a stokes basket and board.

Bomb Box

Type 3 ATF bomb box. Meets all requirements for type 3 ordnance box. This unit can be manufactured to your size and specifications and has a locking mechanism.

Bookcase Enclosure

Bookcase enclosure keeps all your information, procedures, and forms in one convenient location.

Bottle Racks

Carry multiple SCBA cylinders with slide in and out access.

Cascade Station

The Cascade Station is a portable filling station for SCBAs. This unit can be integrated into multiple platforms and covered with an upper deck.

Cone Storage Rack

Cone storage racks make quick and efficient storage of large cumbersome traffic cones simple.

Containment Caging

Containment caging holds your equipment and gear in place even on rough terrain or at high speed.

Crows Nest Fold Down

Patient transportation in a suburban. If the terrain is too rough use our Extendobed with a crows nest on the top or side of the unit.

Day Box Type 3 ATF

This is a Type 3 ATF Day Box and can be manufactured to meet your specifications and dimensions. We have additional Day Box / Bomb Boxes with single lids and separate storage compartments.


Drawers are full extension and come standard with slam latches. Great organizational accessory.

Drawer with Dividers

Save money with larger drawers with dividers. Works like two drawers at half the cost.

Drawer with Power Lift Map Board

Instant command incident/accountability board when you open the drawer.

Dry-Erase Backsplash

Optional backsplash to keep your command center work area separate from your gear.

Dry-Erase Top Surface

Add a dry erase surface to the top of your carrier.

Easel Board Assembly

Easel boards are porcelain coated steel, which is magnetic and dry-erase. They will hang on the corner of an angle frame of the upper deck. Each board is 22″t x 30″w, and will fold together in the middle for storage during transport. Closed, they are approximately 2″ thick. Easel boards make any unit a command center with multiple tracking options.

Easel Board Storage

Store your easel board when it is not in use.

Energy Chain

Electrical Conduit has a width of 1¼”w x 1¼” high inside. Protects your cords and keeps everything in the right place as the unit moves in and out of your vehicle. Our electrical conduits also come in a wide size of 2½”w x 1¼” high inside.

Equipment Tray (Slide-Out)

Use our equipment trays to store generators inside enclosed compartment and then pull it outside when the units are in operation. No more lifting the generator on and off the vehicle when you need power.

Evidence Box

Keep important items locked in a steel framed aluminum wrapped locker.

File Drawer

Keep all of your files in order with our file drawer. Quick access to any information you need and the ability to lock it all up.

Fold-Down Gate

Steel mesh fold-down gates makes access easy to load, unload and contain your equipment.

Fold-Down Table

Our fold down table gives you a small desk for laptops and accountability tracking. When the job is finished, it folds up and is out of your way.

Generator Tray

Instead of unloading and loading your generator use our generator trays to move it in and out of cover or storage for use.

Horseshoe Rack

Organize your equipment and tools with our horseshoe rack. Stocking supplies is easy and efficient and finding your tools is a piece of cake.

Laptop or Monitor Shelf

Detachable laptop stand that mounts to any unit. Create an additional work area in minutes that is safe and secure for your sensitive equipment.

Laptop Tray

Laptop tray that hooks on the side of the containment caging or unit for an instant place to put your laptop or video equipment.


We offer several different options for lighting from rope lights to led lights.

Locking Compartment

This is a stationary compartment with a lock. Typically used as an evidence box.

Lumber Post

Adjustable rack that allows you to load lumber over the top of equipment and other cargo on the Extendobed.

Map Board Dry-Erase (Reversible)

Dry Erase map board with reversible feature.

Map Board Magnetic (Reversible)

Reversible magnetic dry erase board for task assignment and accountability tracking.

Mounting Wall (Fixed)

Plywood mounting wall for equipment, tools, or other accessories.

Mounting Wall (Slide-out Tray)

Mount extrication equipment, SCBAs and other items for easy access even when the carrier is in the car. Gear up SCBAs in seconds with walk away mount.

Mounting Wall (Slide-out with Enclosure)

Store and access your SCBA with out slide out mounting wall and containment cage.

Mounting Wall (Slide-out)

Slide-out mounting walls can be used for mounting any equipment. Our slide-outs make all equipment more accessible and easy to use. (Aluminum skin is additional)


Partitions can be made of plywood or steel mesh and create separate storage areas.

Pencil Tray

Store pencils, pens, tape, or other small items.

Platform T-Shaped

Maximize cargo space on your extendobed with the T-shaped design.

Power Drive

Linear actuators, no matter if you are on incline, decline, or carrying a lot of weight our units will move in and out easily with our power drives. Our power drives are high quality screw driven actuators.

Pull-Out Table

Extra table for task management or accountability. Board slides in and out of slot and tilts for use.

Radio Panel

The recessed panel allows the radio to be mounted on the back or side of the unit so it is accessible but out of the way.

Robot Compartment

Robot compartments can be stationary, or on a sliding tray for accessibility.

Scale Racks

Scale racks make it storage and transport of scales easy and safe while protecting equipment.

Stationary Rack

When you want a drawer or a rack that does not slide or move.

Underneath Storage

Store equipment, radio, or other emergency essentials under our unit. Easy access when the unit is extended.

Weapons Drawer

Locking weapons drawer. Store your weapons in a secure drawer. Optional foam squares for secure storage available.

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