JIm Mitchell

Formerly of the Rock Springs Police and the Sweetwater Bomb Squad in Southwestern Wyoming. Presently I am the Emergency Management Coordinator for Sublette County, Wyoming. I first encountered ExtendoBed™ when I became a member of the Bomb Squad in 2002. Our Bomb Squad commander had installed a unit in his Chevy Suburban. I was amazed how organized and secure his equipment had been stored. I immediately noticed how durable the system had been built and that all equipment could easily accessed in very quick order. Thinking that all drawer systems were alike I ordered a cheap facsimile and was very disappointed. I had the opportunity to Set up the new Emergency Response vehicle in my present position. I researched Extendobed with the knowledge that their product was top of the line and extremely durable. I justified the expenditure knowing the system would outlast the service life of multiple vehicles. Extendobed was courteous and timely in the product development and installation. As long as I continue to work in emergency services I will show off the product and demonstrate its ease of use. Sincerely yours in Emergency Service, ”

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