Steve Hinsch –Fleet Management Athens-Clark County Government

I just wanted to take a minute to send thanks and appreciation for being there for the Athens-Clarke County Government. Our 2001 GMS 2500 Command truck has never come back to our shop for anything other than routine maintenance and tires. OK, maybe brakes. But not for ANY type of failure/concern with it’s Extendo Bed. Although always a topic in conversation with the fire fighters that operate this unit, your product has served us in a flawless nature. Yes, I said FLAWLESS! For a piece of equipment that is attached to a vehicle that makes EVERY call that comes into our Fire Department, this is unheard of. Even though I feel like if I need to call your staff and request some form of customer service that it would be no problem, I can’t think of a reason I would need to call. This unit is so unique and stout . . it needs to be in the Smithsonian!”

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