FIRE UNITS 1st Response/Rescue


"Aurora Carrier" Includes: - Multilevel platform with containment caging on passenger side - (2) Stacked drawers with keyed latches - Fold-down gate on upper deck for transport and side board storage


"Colorado Carrier" Includes: - Upper platform with safety screen and board slot with SUV cut-out


"Crowsnest Carrier" Includes: - Safety screen and fold-down header screen - Multilevel platform with containment caging - Fold-down gate on drivers' side - Full-extension drawer with mesh enclosures


Henderson Carrier includes: - Upper platform with Fold down gates and center divider - Backboard Slot, with multiple board guides - Full extension drawer


"Hillsborough Carrier" Includes: - Upper platform and safety screen - Plywood mounting wall - (2) Full-extension equipment trays - Partition running from front to back - Middle shelves and dividers and screening


"Oklahoma Carrier" includes: - Upper platform with cutaway and safety screen - (3) Drawers along driver's side (2) drawers passenger's side and (1) drawer on front of unit - Slide-out mounting wall with tray and (3) slides - Partitions, aluminum compartments, shelves and pencil tray


"Portville Carrier" Includes: - Narrow tool rack with safety screen - Board slot with plywood mounting wall - Full-extension drawer and fold-down table


"Wayne Carrier" Includes: - Multilevel platform, with dividers and caging - Slide-out plywood mounting wall - (2) Full-extension drawers and safety screen

West Carroll

"West Carroll Carrier" Includes: - Plywood mounting wall with center partition and safety screen