FIRE UNITS Fire Investigation


ATF Carrier Includes: - Narrow tool rack with center partition and safety screen - (2) full-extension drawers - Optional weapons box shown

CSI Evidence Unit

"CSI Evidence Unit Carrier" Includes: - Upper platform with safety screen - Evidence box with Paddle Latch


"Federal Carrier" Includes: - Multilevel platform with safety screen and center divider - (3) Full-extension drawers and aluminum mounting wall - Aluminum or mesh bookcase enclosure and fold-down table


"Lexington Carrier" Includes: - Mounting wall with shelf and safety screen - Upper platform with cutaway


"Marion Carrier" Includes: - Upper platform, with containment caging and safety screen - Narrow tool rack with (4) full-extension drawers - Fold-down table and containment caging                                                   .   - Passenger's side second shelf with drawer and fold-down gate


"Provo Carrier" Includes: - Upper platform, with center divider and safety screen - Multiple full-extension drawer package - Fold-down worktable with aluminum bookcase