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Proud of my Extendo Bed.

I am so happy and proud of my Extendo Bed. I’m glad I went with the 1500# unit. I’m able to fit much more equipment and inventory on the truck than ever before. I always had to plan which equipment to take for a certain job and leave some at the shop, now I can leave it all loaded on the truck. The accessibility is just unbelievable. I can plug in the heavy stuff as it sits on the pull out and not have to unload. i.e. Welders, air compressor, bench grinder. This unit saves at least an hour a day in unload, set up, and reload time. I can’t say enough about its versatility.

Roger Goss

A great product

A great product. Very well made. Far and away the best extendable bed made.

Steve Lowther
N. Ferrisburgh, VT