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How To Maximize the Efficiency of Your Truck Bed Storage

January 28, 2021

How To Maximize the Efficiency of Your Truck Bed Storage

A large benefit in getting a truck is the pure utility it has over other vehicles. It can just carry so much more than other vehicles while still providing all the benefits that other cars bring. However, proper utilization of that extra storage space is key if you want to receive the full benefits of having a truck. To help you accomplish that, we have figured out some ways on how to maximize the efficiency of your truck bed storage.

The main and best way to maximize your storage space is to use aftermarket modifications. These are additional features you can purchase and have added onto a truck to change how its storage works. These can range from bed extenders to drawers. They can also add extra functionality to the truck with a worktable or writing boards.

Truck Bed Extenders

These are the simplest modifications you can get but they have a huge impact on your truck’s storage. A bed slide or bed extender works by mounting to the truck bed with a deck that can slide out the back, creating a platform that increases the accessibility of the items you might have in your bed. The slides come in different styles and are designed to carry different amounts of payload weight. Most slides extend 70-100%. However, there are even extenders that slide out over 110%, past the taillights, to give you full access to the entire truck bed slide.

It is not hard to imagine what you can do when you can access your things without ever having to climb into the back of your truck again — like carrying much more equipment and tools. If you get a high-quality truck bed slide tray deck, you will be able to carry whatever you need with easy access to it in a more efficient manner. However, the quality of the tray is very important as lower quality extenders are prone to bend and flex too much when loaded. For example, a low-quality extender has problems with weight distribution, as you need to distribute the weight of your equipment evenly across the bed, which is hard to do with tools and equipment. A high-quality slide-out tray will allow you to carry your equipment how you need without worrying about weight distribution.

Customized Storage Systems

These are another form of modification where a type of shelving unit provides extra space for storing tools and other equipment. Drawer modifications can come in a huge variety of options and designs. From long, single drawers to multiple stacks of smaller drawers, there is really no end to the possibilities. It all depends on what you need for organization and extra storage. It is not uncommon for drawers to combine with other modifications like shelves and multi-layered units, open cubbies or fixed or sliding mounting walls to create more variance in how you want to carry your items.

Depending on your needs, you can combine a drawer system, a storage system and slide-out tray(s). Slide-out trays can carry heavy items like welders, generators, air compressors or tanks for liquids. Drawers can be designed to slide out the sides or the tailgate end of the truck bed slide. Getting a sliding deck with over 110% extension allows you to put drawers and sliding trays on the sides, nearest the cab end, and still be able to open them and access their contents.

Other Modifications

There really is no limit on the different kinds of modifications to help maximize your truck’s storage. Specialty storage modifications also exist and can directly help with whatever special kind of storage needs you have. Modifications like traffic cone storage racks or drawer systems with fold-down work tables and dry-erase boards, or sliding mounting walls to mount heavy tools for easy access, can help change your storage to match your exact needs. Perhaps, as a construction worker you want a tray to help carry around a generator or air compressor. Or a pesticide company that needs access to hose reels and chemical storage tanks. There are all sorts of different types of modifications for just about every job that could use a truck over a smaller vehicle.

Now, there are some premade packages that might contain what a standard person might need for their job. However, these standard packages lack the customization that you will really want for your storage. It is so much better to build your own storage system because only you truly know what will benefit you the most. It is well worth the investment and time to get yourself a specialized modification system that will fit your needs as it will save you the most time and money in the long run. A customized sliding deck can also save you or your service fleet employees from unnecessary injuries due to lifting heavy items from awkward positions. It is also surprisingly affordable to get a custom set of modifications instead of a standardized set.

Additional Tools

Aftermarket modifications are not the only way to efficiently use your truck bed. There are also many other tools and small things you can pick up to help as well. Items like cargo nets will help hold everything in place. Preventing items from shifting around during transport is very important and well worth the investment. A truck bed liner is an amazing addition to your truck. This liner will help protect your truck bed from all sorts of wear and tear. Additionally, a truck liner can prevent the movement of objects and give the bed more traction when you stand or sit in it. There are so many other tools and items that can help increase your truck bed storage that we sadly cannot list them all.

Hopefully, we have given you some ideas on how to maximize the efficiency of your truck bed storage. Aftermarket modifications are really the best place to start, as we have talked about. If you can get a custom storage system, you will see marked improvements in your truck’s storage and your own productivity. You can also get other aftermarket modifications to alter your truck in other ways. Things like new tires and LED lights can be great additions to your truck. But when it comes to functionality and storage, a custom job will get you exactly what you need in your truck.

How To Maximize the Efficiency of Your Truck Bed Storage

Ways To Customize Your Vehicle Storage Solution

January 26, 2021

Ways To Customize Your Vehicle Storage Solution

When you are looking to upgrade your truck’s storage, it can be hard to know where to start, as there are endless ways to customize your truck storage solution. You have a wide variety of options to choose from, such as the simple modifications that extend the bed to more complex storage units. It all depends on what you need and how you want to satisfy those needs.

Truck Bed Slide-out Platform

A truck bed slide-out platform is a form of extender for the bed of your truck. It works as a sort of sliding floor that can lock in place to give the back of your truck more room and easier access. These types of modifications are the simplest in design but don’t let that fool you. The extra carrying capacity, the additional room they provide and the ability to customize them will be a godsend.

Drawers, Slideout Trays and Variants

A popular modification is to add a customized storage system. This addition allows you to hold numerous objects and tools in the bed of your truck without worrying about them getting lost or misplaced, and making them easier to access. Combining a drawer system with a sliding deck not only increases storage capacity but also makes it easier to access when needed. Generators, compressors or welders can be mounted on trays that slide out for easy accessibility. With this modification, you’ll no longer pile things on top of each other. Instead, you will keep everything neatly stored and readily accessible when needed.

Bookcase Enclosure

Another option is bookcase enclosures that come in many forms and can be put into different types of vehicles. They caneven mount to a truck bed slide. Although they’re called bookcases, they often function more as a type of storage for paper and documents. This means they are very useful for storing construction plans, MSDS or other such documentation, making it easily accessible on the job site. They can come with several shelves that carry all sorts of smaller objects, such as tools or duffle bags, and fold-down tables that provide a convenient work area. .

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to customize your vehicle storage solution to fit your specific needs. Specialized custom storage solutions can be designed for specific functions or come with additional features that can be quite useful. An example of this is a drawer modification with a fold down worktable that allows you to write and spread out your papers as needed. The fold down worktable can even be made of magnetic dry erase board for even better utility.


How To Keep Equipment Secure in Your Pickup Truck

January 26, 2021

How To Keep Equipment Secure in Your Pickup Truck

One of the biggest benefits to having a truck is the extra storage space it offers. However, there’s a proper way to utilize this storage to avoid accidents and mishaps. You must have the proper gear and know the correct tricks to make sure nothing bad occurs. Here we have some of these tricks to teach you how to keep your equipment secure in your pickup truck.

Aftermarket Modifications

The easiest way to secure most equipment is to get aftermarket modifications that include storage management. A vehicle aluminum storage trunk fits this bill exactly. They come in custom designs, so it’s up to you to decide what you need. They often come with drawer and slide out options. With these numerous variants, you can easily store your equipment safely. On the other hand, if your equipment is too large it might be time to get a slide out tray that extends the bed size so you can fit more. Another option is to install a locking bed cover, either a tonneau cover or truck cap/topper. If you choose this option, a truck bed slide that telescopes in and out of your truck bed will make access to tools and equipment much easier.

Tools for Securing Equipment in Place

There are many tools you can get to secure your loads when driving. A good place to start is a cargo net. These nets can keep your cargo from shifting around while you drive. Another good purchase to help secure your things are ratchet straps. Designed to hold down any large objects you might be moving, ratchet straps can handle more than rope in terms of weight. Even so, it’s much safer to use at least two straps to hold down cargo so shifting and movement is limited.

Tricks for Securing Equipment in Place

Every time you pack your truck to keep everything secure, you must follow certain rules. First, make sure heavy objects are on the bottom and centered near the axel of the vehicle. This will give the cargo the most support possible. By placing lighter objects on top of the heavier ones, you limit the potential for unwanted movement. Always keep the weight of the equipment in mind since your truck has a weight limit of how much you can carry. It’s important to distribute the weight throughout the entirety of the trunk.

With this you should know how to keep equipment secure in your pickup truck. Make sure all your items are secure and held down in at least two places. Using custom aftermarket products will reduce the risk of moving equipment.