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power of an organized space

The Power of an Organized Workspace

It’s frustrating to have trouble finding a specific tool when you need it. But in some industries, there’s more at stake than just frustration. If you work in a specialized trade such as law enforcement, fire mitigation, or construction/repair, easily finding your tools could be the difference between life and death. Maintaining your workspace in an organized and efficient manner has numerous benefits. These include the ability to control costs, increase output, and manage your

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100% extension easy organization

Using the Right Tools Increases Efficiency and Improves Safety

Whether you work in law enforcement, fire safety, emergency services, or another professional services field, certain basic tasks are common before you depart for the day: You must ensure that you have all the tools and materials you will need to perform your job, organized in a safe and efficient manner. However, packing up all these tools and materials in the morning and after each job/call takes additional time and can be an organizational challenge.

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extendobed law enforcement units

Featured Law Enforcement Units: Blue Ridge & Homeland Security

Never reach into your vehicle losing sight of your surroundings again with the Blue Ridge law enforcement unit. This unit is designed with ease of use and safety in mind. With two large drawers that extend 200% of their length, everything you need will be accessible from the outside of your vehicle. The first stage of extension brings both drawers to the rear of the vehicle. An integrated dry erase board at the top of

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overlanding units

Overlanding Units for Your Adventure Rig

Summer is coming to a close but we are by no means finished with the outdoors. Extendobed Overlanding Units are custom configured to fit your outdoor rig. Our slideouts store your equipment safely, efficiently, and out of the way until you need it. Haul your tents, coolers, and even a four wheeler for those tough to get to spots on the upper platform. Stock your fridge slide with cold beverages, grab your camping gear out

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extendobed belongs on every construction site

Why Extendobed Belongs on Every Construction Site

Extendobed is designed to make your pickup truck or work van more efficient and versatile with it’s full extension slideout storage system. Working on a construction site is not an easy job, which is why we designed a unit to make day-to-day work more accessible and organized. Skip the extra bending and lifting, Extendobed allows contractors to work more efficiently with tools and hardware pulling out at waist height. Our full extension construction units will

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extendobed aftermarket accessory

Extendobed: The Custom Aftermarket Accessory

When customizing your dream car, you reserve the right to be picky; aftermarket accessories offer endless options and modifications. Extendobed custom utility slide-outs improve organization and accessibility in cars, sport-utility vehicles, and trucks. Our frame and deck units can be customized for any make and model. Looking for compartments, drawers, platforms, or extension trays in your vehicle? Extendobed can design and build it. Extendobed products are designed with space in mind allowing you to maximize

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