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How To Find More Storage Space in Your Trunk

How To Find More Storage Space in Your Trunk

It can often feel like you never have enough space for everything you need to carry in your trunk. You get to loading the trunk, and there’s just too little room, or you need to stack things weirdly to get it to all fit. This is why it’s nice to know how to find more storage space in your trunk.

Stack Heavy To Light

The first thing you need to do is know how to properly organize your items to efficiently use your storage space. The first thing you should do is store any heavy things on the bottom and stack lighter things on top. This will help limit sliding, ensuring fewer objects suffer damage as you stack them and giving you more options for organization.

Get Boxes and Containers

The next thing you can do is invest in containers to help store your items. Placing loose items in bags or boxes helps keep them contained, limiting how much room they take up by preventing them from spreading out. It’s a good idea to get a small box or two to hold the smaller objects and a big one to hold larger items.

Create Dedicated Spaces

You should try to dedicate spaces to different tools and items. This will speed up your loading and unloading processes, as you’ll know exactly where everything goes. It’ll also keep your storage area consistent, helping you manage your space.

Use Trunk Bed Extenders

Another thing you can consider investing in is a trunk bed extender or storage organizer. These aftermarket modifications help extend your trunk storage, letting you better organize and store items. They work perfectly with the organization tips listed above as well. A good storage extender, like a large aluminum storage trunk, can extend well past your bed and can come with a variety of extra shelving and drawers to help with storage.

These organization tips and tricks can really help you find more storage space in your trunk. This knowledge can help speed up loading and unloading processes and organize your storage space.