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  • Bill Jack

    Rawlins Division Fire Chief, Carbon County Fire Dept.
    Installation was easy, size a perfect fit and it seems to be working as planned.
  • Bill Fowler

    W.B. Fowler Builders
    Fabulous! I’ve had numerous inquiries regarding my new Extendobed. I am very pleased with the construction and your service. Installation took less than 30 minutes with the help of a fork lift truck at my local lumberyard. Everything seems to be well engineered. Thanks again.
  • Al McGraw

    Dog Trainer
    Just thought I’d send you a note to let you know that I have been using your product now for about 8 months and it has worked out extremely well for me. It allows me to make use of a lot more space that I could not have used before. I am very pleased with your product and will recommend it to any one interested.
  • Eric Kazakoff

    San Diego, CA
    Everybody in the company loves the Extendobed! 'Go get something out of the truck' has taken on a whole new meaning. Our knees thank you! It paid for itself in a matter of weeks. Attracts crowds whenever I pull it out.
  • Tim Hall

    Tiffin, OH
    I love this thing! And so does everyone that sees it. Some of my co-workers are just one more bashed shin (from climbing into their trucks and slipping) from buying one. Me, and my shins, thank you!
  • Greg Gendall

    Apple Tree Paint Works, Emmett, ID
    This Extendobed really saves my knees. I would never have another truck without one.
  • Tim Wales

    Truckee, CA
    Before I ordered your Extendobed, I ordered one of the 'other brands'. It was cheaper in more ways than one. It lasted 3 weeks. I've had my Extendobed about a year. It has performed flawlessly and increased my productivity and will probably outlast me. Thanks again for a truly wonderful product.
  • Lou Maestas

    Halfway, OR
    Being a concrete contractor, I have all the tools and equipment I need for the trade. And my Extendobed is the handiest piece of equipment I own. Thanks.
  • E.P.

    Large California Utility Company
    I work for one of the nation's largest municipal utility companies. In our repair shop, we have installed more than 25 of your units in the last year. To this date, we have not had a single failure. It has saved us an untold amount of time with our crews. I have not spoken to a single person yet that has not wondered how they got along before we installed their unit. We have recently installed two of the 1800# capacity units in a pair of our utility trucks. These trucks will be moving batteries for our back up system. How did we work before your systems? Slowly and with a lot of pain. Thanks for making a great unit!
  • Richard A. Hall

    Rick Hall - Builders & Excavating, Michigan
    I have had my Extendobed installed in my pickup now for about 5 months and it is great. No more sore knees, back, or frustration because I can't find something. I have also found that it cuts down on product loss and damage and inventory. Just pull up the lever and give it a pull and it is all right in front of you. Plain and simple. When I pull up to a job site, everybody's mouth drops open when they see me roll out the Extendobed and all my tools are right there. The next thing you know they are all over my truck checking out the Extendobed. My hat goes off to all of you at Extendobed for a durable product well made. It is great to buy a product and feel like you got more than you paid for.
  • Greg O’Sullivan

    Fire Chief, Templeton Fire Dept, CA
    Just a quick note of "thanks for a job well done." Your company provided quick and efficient support in the design of our "Extendobed" and equally as quick in the delivery. We were very pleased with the materials and workmanship, along with the precise specifications which were required. Installation was quick and easy and was in use in less than 1 hour after delivery (a fork lift helped a lot!) Again, thanks for providing a great product!
  • Keith Hoyt

    Upper Lake, CA
    I am one of your many happy customers. On April 17, 2000, I purchased a model EB-1278. I received it within 10 days, installed it in 1 hour and have been very happy with it ever since. Anyone that sees it comments on it, 'What a great idea!. . . ', 'That must make life a lot easier...', 'How much did it cost? . . .Oh, you got a good deal.' I must agree. Thank you most sincerely.
  • Ted Hughes

    Spring Valley NYPD
    We are thrilled to death with the Extendobed. I went through a lot of trouble to find something that would fulfill our needs. I got jerked around by a bunch of fabricating companies. I got overcharged by companies that were just building plywood boxes and charging $6000 for them. We are thrilled with the security of the gun locker, the ease of use, the maximum availability of every inch of space. We could not be happier with this thing.
  • Steve Hinsch

    Fleet Management, Athens-Clark County Government
    I just wanted to take a minute to send thanks and appreciation for being there for the Athens-Clarke County Government. Our 2001 GMS 2500 Command truck has never come back to our shop for anything other than routine maintenance and tires. OK, maybe brakes. But not for ANY type of failure/concern with it's Extendobed. Although always a topic in conversation with the fire fighters that operate this unit, your product has served us in a flawless nature. Yes, I said FLAWLESS! For a piece of equipment that is attached to a vehicle that makes EVERY call that comes into our Fire Department, this is unheard of. Even though I feel like if I need to call your staff and request some form of customer service that it would be no problem, I can't think of a reason I would need to call. This unit is so unique and stout . . it needs to be in the Smithsonian!
  • Roger Goss

    I am so happy and proud of my Extendobed. I’m glad I went with the 1500# unit. I’m able to fit much more equipment and inventory on the truck than ever before. I always had to plan which equipment to take for a certain job and leave some at the shop, now I can leave it all loaded on the truck. The accessibility is just unbelievable. I can plug in the heavy stuff as it sits on the pull out and not have to unload. i.e. welders, air compressor, bench grinder. This unit saves at least an hour a day in unload, set up, and reload time. I can’t say enough about its versatility.
  • E. Peltz

    I work for one of the largest municipal owned utility companies. In the last 7 years we have installed 60-70 Extendobeds in different types of trucks. Of that number, we finally had one go down. One bearing gave out... after receiving a replacement bearing, it took less than an hour to repair it. Your product has us wondering how we got along without it. We have a better safety record now with no back injuries due to climbing into our utility trucks.
  • Jeff Cripps

    JNC & Sons - New Hampshire
    I am not normally a guy that makes these kinds of calls but when I received my new Extendobed a few weeks ago, I simply could not believe the incredible quality and heavy duty design of your unit. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. Your company is customer sensitive, no-pressure sales approach was much appreciated.
  • Jim Ward

    Where have you been for the last ten years? I'm sorry it took me so long to find you.
  • Rick McCraken

    McCraken Loader Service
    The Extendobed meets all our needs. We just keep transferring them from truck to truck like you said we would.
  • Noel Boothe

    Booth Solutions
    Heavy-duty, Heavy-duty, Heavy- duty, Heavy-duty. I don't see why the Extendobed wouldn't last for fifty years. Nothing gives you better visibility of supplies and tools than the Extendobed.
  • Steve Lowther

    A great product, very well made. Far and away the best extendable bed made.
  • Tom Helspe

    Pioneer Construction
    It is so nice to buy a product that gives you more than you expect.
  • Doug Belnap

    Service Center Supervisor, TD Williamson
    Here at TD Williamson, we have been using the Extendobed for nearly eleven years. We are a Pipe Line Services company, and my division deals specifically with the inspection of the large transmission lines around the world. We put our equipment, our tools, and support equipment on the Extendobed and drive it all over the United States and Canada. We have never had a bearing fail, a latch fail, or a bed fail. We continually put them to the test on weight. We have replaced wood, made them look like new again and gotten another 5 years and counting on the original beds we purchased back in 2003. My favorite part of them is that I don’t have to crawl into the bed of my truck to get something out. We couldn’t do business without them.
  • Kary D. Cox

    Washington County Emergency Management
    The Extendobed is working perfectly and as always, we are very pleased. This is our 3rd Extendobed and we have been very happy with all of our experiences.
  • Jason Harris

    Assistant Chief, Pittstown Fire Rescue
    Installed our own in our Squad Unit at Pittstown Fire Department, very rugged and works well. Customized to fit our needs.
  • David G. Turner

    Marion Community Fire Department
    The Extendobed production crew provided us an exceptional product that we are looking forward to using for years to come.
  • Casey Hunziker

    Las Vegas, NV
    We love the product, and we stand behind it.
  • Evan Graves

    Everyone was very happy with the Extendobed. They were especially surprised at how easy it was to not only lift but also install it into our vehicle. Thank you very much for the great work and detail that went into it!
  • Doug Blackhurst

    Colorcraft Painting, Inc
    I knew about the Extendobed for a long time before I bought a unit in January. My only regret is that I did not do it years sooner. I love it.
  • Guy

    Suncatcher Harves
    We purchased our first Extendobed unit with excellent results. The people there worked with me to craft a custom configuration to suit my needs. The bed worked so well in our nursery business that I was able to increased my nursery products delivery while saving my overused back. The next season, I equipped all my delivery vehicles with Extendobeds, I purchased 2 more units. Been using them for 15 years. I couldn't get along without them.
  • Mac Cooper Cole Industrial

    Way to go Extendobed® team!!! It is definitely industrial grade stuff, wow, it's amazing!
  • Mike

    Hiawatha Fire Department
    I am really pleased with the Extendobed® we purchased, along with the phone help we received when we were installing it. So much I’d like to look at getting another. Thanks!
  • Wayne Carpini

    LA County Sheriff's Department
    I have purchased several pull outs from Extendobed®. Your product is very good, durable and long-lasting. Custom designing is easy with you guys.
  • Michael Hartwig

    We have been very happy with all aspects of the slide out. The process of designing the unit took time but we are very happy with the end results. Thank you again for your assistance throughout the design and build process.
  • Monty Coleman

    We are very happy with our choice of Extendobed Command Post for our Chief's Buggy. The Command Post has been used several times to the fullest extent using all of the white board that attach.
  • Chris Walls

    City of New Bern Fire-Rescue
    Thanks for checking in with us. We are thoroughly enjoying the new slide out tray from you guys. The quality and ease of installation/use has been great. Thanks again for all your help!
  • Jim Mitchel

    Emergency Management Coordinator, Sublette County

    Formerly of the Rock Springs Police and the Sweetwater Bomb Squad in Southwestern Wyoming. Presently, I am the Emergency Management Coordinator for Sublette County, Wyoming. I first encountered Extendobed when I became a member of the Bomb Squad in 2002. Our Bomb Squad commander had installed a unit in his Chevy Suburban. I was amazed how organized and secure his equipment had been stored. I immediately noticed how durable the system had been built and that all equipment could easily accessed in very quick order. Thinking that all drawer systems were alike I ordered a cheap facsimile and was very disappointed. I had the opportunity to Set up the new Emergency Response vehicle in my present position. I researched Extendobed with the knowledge that their product was top of the line and extremely durable. I justified the expenditure knowing the system would outlast the service life of multiple vehicles. Extendobed was courteous and timely in the product development and installation. As long as I continue to work in emergency services, I will show off the product and demonstrate its ease of use.

  • Ross and Ron

    Elite Lift & Elevator
    We really enjoy the ease of access to our tools and supplies that the Extendobed offers us.
  • Jared Severson

    Electronics Group Lead
    Working great. We will not buy anything other then your units. I will let you know for future purchases.
  • Russell Chesley

    Fauquier County Sheriff
    The unit went in smooth and it looks good, especially with the black coating.
  • Dr. Amanda Shirar

    Hazardous Material Specialist

    We recently started using our new truck with the Extendobed® in service. Thank you for setting us up with such a great product. We always pass along your name when people are impressed with our vehicle.

  • Steven Langer

    Cabarrus County Emergency Management
    Really like the Extendobed so far.  Thanks for all your help and we may be looking at another bed in the near future.
  • Michael Janssen

    I am super satisfied with my Extendobed! I don't know if I could have another truck without one! Every time I go somewhere and open it up to load or unload, someone makes a comment how neat that is or that they need to get one.
  • Mike

    Working with your company has been a great experience... Outstanding customer service.
  • Chris & Katie Whetzel

    Pullman, WA
    We love the Extendobed!  It has made my husband's life so much easier and his business more efficient. Thank you so much for this great product.
  • Jeff Burns

    The Extendobed units worked quite well in our application and the quality and craftsmanship was impressive.
  • Bill Deloach

    DeSoto Fire District 8
    We are very pleased with our Extendobed. We expected a quality product since we have used them before. Thanks for your continued quality. 
  • Danny Daniels

    Cherokee County Fire Department
    Our shop personnel had no problems with the install and the Battalion Chiefs love [the Extendobed]. The configuration and design was perfect and able to house their gear and equipment without any issues.
  • Richard Dollar

    Emergency Response Manager, HEPACO

    I recently purchased the Milwaukee Sires Unit for my truck. I worked with Mr. Tim Ryan and the experience was second to none. The unit itself was excellent quality. My background includes Aircraft Maintenance with an extensive amount of structural and sheet metal work and 20 plus years in the Fire Service. I was very impressed with the structural design and stability of the unit. I would say it is as close as you can come to being firefighter proof. Currently, I work for an environmental company so this unit will see years of tough emergency response work and its robust design will meet the challenge. To say the very least, I am extremely pleased with my Unit; it is even better than I was expecting. I have recommended co-workers to give ya'll a call.

  • Frank Puccio

    Kerry took my rough dog box sketch and made a professional, rotating, 3D computer drawing in minutes. Todd then put the box together and mounted it on my trailer. The whole project turned out beyond my expectations. Thanks guys.
  • Drew Martin

    I can't work without mine. Love it.
  • Troy Simmons

    Coolest thing I've ever seen done to a truck. If you want an actual working truck and not just a Friday Night Lights truck, then you gotta get one of these. Worth every penny!

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