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Truck Bed Slides for the Telecom Industry

When people talk about the various industries that help keep the world running, one of the most forgotten sectors is the telecommunications industry. This is the group that makes communication through phones and the internet possible. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them, and our society seems to take the work they do for granted at times.

What they do certainly isn’t easy either. Phone lines go down and internet cables stop working, and when they do, workers must go out with their truck, which is full of equipment, and fix the problem before it becomes a larger-scale inconvenience. That means speed is key for these individuals.

Unfortunately, a major slowdown that they have to deal with regularly is digging through their truck bed to find the exact piece of gear they’re looking for. This is where Extendobed’s truck bed slides come into play. They have a variety of shelves, racks, and drawers that can help telecom specialists better organize their equipment so that they can find what they’re looking for more easily when needed.

What makes our products even more useful is the fact that they slide out from the back of the vehicle that you install them into—hence why we went with the name Extendobed. This allows you to pack your telecom gear anywhere on the truck bed slide and be able to still easily access it once you park and get ready for the job at hand.

If you’re worried about the extension possibly bending under the pressure of the weight of your equipment, there’s no need to fear. Our truck bed slides can hold anything from 1,000 lbs. of gear all the way up to 3,000 lbs.

Even though we have a selection of truck bed slides for the telecom industry specifically, you can customize our product however you see fit. We know not every worker shares the exact same group of equipment, and we want your Extendobed to be the perfect fit for you, which is why we let our customers change the layout however they see fit.

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