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Top Rules To Follow When Organizing Your Work Van

Top Rules To Follow When Organizing Your Work Van

Organizing your work vans is one of the best ways to increase efficiency. It is not uncommon for workers to lose hours every week dealing with a messy van. Finding the correct tools and loading materials can take much longer if your van is not orderly. In addition, the van might be carrying too much inventory, or the worker not realize they actually have what they need in the van, but make the costly and unnecessary trip back to the warehouse. To get that efficiency, you will need to organize your van. To help you achieve that goal, here are the top rules to follow when organizing your work van.

Work From the Bottom Up

It is best to start your organization from the beginning. Clear out your van and start fresh, then slowly find places for everything. It is best to start with placing heavy things lower to the floor. This will help prevent items from shifting. You should place lighter items on top or above these heavier items to allow better access to them.

Organize for Convenience

You don’t just want to organize your items according to where they will fit, but also to how often the item is necessary. The more you use an item or tool, the easier accessing it should be. You do not want your most common tools to be a hassle to grab every time, so make sure you organize with that concept in mind.

Utilize All Space

One thing that many work vans do not do well enough is utilize their space. They can have shelves and storage mounted on the walls of the van, but it usually leaves “dead space” in the middle. It is easy to fill your cargo area with tools and think you are full. However, there is usually plenty of space that is still usable in your cargo area. That is why you should invest in something like a industrial truck sliding trunk tray, or sliding cargo area tray, which can maximize your carrying capacity and help you utilize that dead space in between the van’s side walls more efficiently.

Use Some Modifications

One thing that can help your organization is the addition of aftermarket modifications. Just like the sliding tray, there are many other things that can help you organize your equipment. Installing tool hooks or adding extra storage can give you a lot more control over your van’s space. You can even add things that improve the overall quality of your van, such as extra lights.

These are the top rules to follow when organizing your work van. If you keep these in mind when reorganizing, your vans should be a lot easier to use, and your employees should be more productive.