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What Is a Cargo Management System?

What Is a Cargo Management System?

It’s hard for any vehicle to compete with the storage space that a truck bed can provide. The sheer amount of space it gives—along with the open top—means you can carry just about anything, as long as it is within the weight limit. However, you might notice that it’s very difficult to keep items in the open truck bed safe and secure, and it is difficult to efficiently use all the space that a truck bed provides. Items will take up more room than they should and there will be plenty of wasted space between items. That is where understanding the answer to the question “What is a cargo management system?” can come in handy. It’s a storage system that helps to organize your truck space so you can maximize its potential.


Cargo management systems usually come in two types. The first being an exterior system. Exterior cargo management systems are addons to your truck bed that add or change storage. Exterior systems usually sit above the rails of a truck bed or on the outside of the truck, adding new storage locations and giving you new areas to store items. This extra area is meant to help you carry more and give you room to better organize what you already have in your truck. These exterior modifications can provide utility as well, such as anchor points for locking down cargo. However, most of these options are for trucks only with very few exterior options for an SUV.


The second type of cargo management systems deals with the interior of the truck bed or SUV. Unlike exterior storage addons, this type of storage is more about organizing the space you already have. Bed dividers and lockable storage bins are great examples of this kind of modification. These storage types just maximize the usefulness of the space you already have. A truck storage organizer is the best kind of interior storage system, especially the custom ones. They provide great storage organization for your truck or SUV and can come with custom parts to fit your needs.

Now, to give you a simple answer to “What is a cargo management system?” Simply put, it’s a modification that helps improve and organize your truck’s storage by adding a variety of components. This can include things such as small lockboxes to large storage organizers.