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What Kind of Tools Does a Road Crew Use?

What Kind of Tools Does a Road Crew Use?

Road crews run some of the most vital construction jobs in the country, as road repair and creation are necessary for the county’s growth. The better roads a nation has, the better the nation fares. That’s why anyone looking into road services should learn what kind of tools road crews use.

Individual Tools

Road crews use lots of heavy equipment, but each member also uses personal tools that help them complete their work. Below are the basic tools used by road crew members.


Although this tool is most popular for its agricultural uses, it’s also very good for road construction. Workers can use hoes for the excavation of debris or use them to spread asphalt. Every road worker should carry one.


Shovels are very useful for minor excavation and cleanup. Workers can easily clear areas with shovels. They also double as landscaping tools; workers can use them to manage the smoothness and health of an area.


Another popular tool for road crews is wheelbarrows, as loading and carrying debris would be very difficult without them. Wheelbarrows give workers a way to carry all the debris around without exhausting themselves. Plus, they’re useful for carrying heavier equipment.


Sometimes road work requires breaking heavy asphalt, and no better tool exists for that job than pickaxes. Although heavy equipment is usually used for this job, if small pieces need to get broken, workers will use pickaxes to get it done.

Heavy Equipment

Other than valuable personal equipment, heavy equipment is indispensable when roads need to get worked on. The job would be much more difficult, if not impossible, without them. This equipment can move tons of materials and repave roads much quicker than individual people. Heavy equipment includes tools such as excavators, dump trucks, pavers, and rollers.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of tools road crews use, here is your answer. However, carrying all these tools isn’t easy and your truck probably doesn’t have enough space. That’s why a lot of road crews use a truck trunk organizer for space optimizations to help with storage.