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5 Tips for Installing Your New Truck Bed Slide

5 Tips for Installing Your New Truck Bed Slide

Installing a truck bed slide can be a difficult task if you aren’t familiar with the process. Since every bed is unique to the make and model of the vehicle, you can’t just memorize the steps. Instead, you can learn these universal tips that make installing a truck bed slide easier.

Clean Your Space

Your truck bed should be clear of any items before you start installing so they don’t get in the way. Additionally, you should wipe clean the bed to prevent dirt and grime from dirtying the slide and complicating the installation.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

The best thing you can do when installing your bed slide is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As the creator and developer of your bed slide, they’ll know the best method to install the tray without causing issues.

Be Careful of the Vehicle’s Internal Systems

Every vehicle has internal systems and vulnerable parts that you can damage during installation. Before you drill through any part of your vehicle, ensure you’re not damaging these systems, like the fuel line or wires.

Leave Some Room

Since you’ll need to tighten the nuts and bolts when installing your truck bed slide-out platform, you’ll need to leave enough room on both sides to get a wrench in. Before you anchor anything down, make sure you have the space to get your tools in so you can complete the job.

Professional Installation

While you can install a truck bed slide yourself, it’s sometimes easier to leave it to a professional. One of the best tips for installing a bed slide is to hire a professional who works with vehicles for a living and has experience installing different car parts.

These tips should help you install your bed slides so you can benefit from all the space organization and utility these modifications provide. A good bed slide will provide storage space and speed up loading and offloading items.