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The 12 Must-Have Truck Mods for Ice Fishing

The 12 Must-Have Truck Mods for Ice FishingIce fishing is plenty of fun, as you can enjoy some of the most peaceful times of the year out on the water. But it requires much forethought and preparation to go on a successful trip. One of the major tools you’ll need is a vehicle capable of handling the cold and helping you when fishing. Here’s a look at some truck modifications that’ll make it easy to enjoy an ice fishing trip.

Transportation Mods

The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure your car can handle the transportation to and from the fishing location. Traveling to an ice fishing location has a few more hurdles than taking a summer trip, so your vehicle needs to handle that. Specifically, you should add some driving mods that help you get to your location safely despite the cold weather.

GPS Features

The first feature you should add to your vehicle is a form of navigation. Getting lost can be very dangerous when traveling in winter, so you need something to ensure proper navigation. The best tool for this is a good GPS you can install in your vehicle or bring with you as you travel.

Tires or Tracks

Driving in the cold or on the ice is much different than normal drives on the road. The cold affects friction and can make your vehicle slower than usual, endangering you and others. Switching your tires out for specialty ice tires or changing to tracks instead of tires can make it easy to drive in the cold or on ice.

Better Engine

Your engine influences your vehicle’s ability to drive, and you don’t want it to break down in the cold. At the very least, make sure your engine can handle being in the cold for hours, and replace it with a better engine if it can’t handle the cold.

Improving Suspension

One of the most difficult parts of driving in the cold is getting traction on the road and ice. Better suspension can help with traction and improve your vehicle’s control. Look for better suspension before taking to the road for a smoother ride and better tire-to-ground friction.

Limited-Slip Differential

A limited-slip differential is a unique modification you can make to your wheels to help with turns. Normally, the outside wheel of a turn must travel further and faster to keep up. This can cause problems when the ground is slippery and you have low traction. A limited-slip differential is a mod that helps offset these issues and makes it safer to drive when it’s cold.

Storage Mods

Storage is a major issue when it comes to ice fishing trips. It can be difficult to bring all your gear even when going on a normal warm fishing trip; you need to bring even more when going on an ice trip. That’s why storage modifications can be so helpful for these trips. Here are a few good storage mods any truck can utilize for ice fishing.

Storage Drawers

One of the most common additions people add to their vehicles is a set of storage drawers, which make it easy to store items in designated places. You can efficiently utilize more space in the vehicle because of these drawers. You can also install these on the outside of your vehicle for extra storage space.

Sliding Truck Beds

Maximizing space in your truck is difficult as you need to store everything while keeping it accessible. That’s why sliding truck beds are so helpful—you can fully utilize the space while accessing whatever gear you put in easily. It’s simple to install a large aluminum storage trunk with all the compartments you need for your gear and custom built-in drawers.

Mounted Boxes

Some of your gear is delicate, and you want to keep pieces separate so they don’t break when you drive. That’s where mounted boxes come in handy—they protect the contents inside and won’t shift around your truck. Additionally, you’ll increase your organization since you can dedicate the box to store specific equipment.

Roof Rack

Roof racks are a great way to increase your storage capacity and are especially handy for transporting large objects. If you can get a roof rack on top of your vehicle, you can easily store large items like canoes or kayaks on your roof without using up other storage room.

Fishing Mods

When it comes to essential ice fishing modifications for trucks, you aren’t limited to modifications that purely provide utility. Many modifications make ice fishing easier and solve common issues. Here’s a look at a few of the mods that may make it easier to fish when it’s freezing out.

Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing rods aren’t made to withstand direct contact with ice and cold, especially when wet. The rods will get cold, and some may become brittle, so avoiding contact with ice and snow can be a big deal. Installing simple rod holders to your vehicle can make it easy to store your rods when you’re not using them, and you won’t have to put them on the ground.

Bed Liner

A bed liner can serve several purposes during the icy season, which is why it’s a good investment. It’ll help you keep your truck bed clean from anything you catch and protect your bed from damage. Additionally, you can use it as a comfortable place to sit because the liner adds some cushioning.

Winterizing Your Vehicle

While this isn’t necessarily a mod, you must winterize your vehicle before going on an ice fishing trip. The mods will help with that, but there are other important steps, such as switching out your liquids for cold-resistant options and topping them off. Routine maintenance is also important for the continued function of your vehicle in the colder months, so bring it to a mechanic regularly and before every trip if possible.

Next time you want to go on an ice fishing trip, add these mods to your vehicle. This way, you can avoid many common problems, and you’ll have a much better time for it. Whether you’re traveling for just a day or going with friends for a long time, these changes can make the whole trip more enjoyable and safer for everyone.The 12 Must-Have Truck Mods for Ice Fishing