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Innovative Truck Storage Ideas

Innovative Truck Storage Ideas

Trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles available. Not only can you carry all sorts of equipment in them, but they also come in various shapes and sizes. That way, you can tailor yours to any job you need it to perform.

However, if you demand a lot from your truck, you may want to seek out new ways to maximize and optimize storage in your vehicle. With this in mind, here is your guide on a few innovative truck storage ideas.

Make the Most of Your Truck Bed With Swing Storage

As far as storage is concerned, your truck bed is where most of your storage will take place. Because of this, you will have to keep this area in mind when you are searching for innovative solutions if you want to increase your storage capacity. Luckily, there are countless methods for increasing storage capacity on your truck bed, including swing storage.

Essentially, the purpose of a swing case is for you to access your gear without having to enter the truck bed. Instead, the swing case is on a hinge that lets you “swing” your toolbox to the edge of the truck bed.

However, not all trucks are compatible with this type of storage, so make sure that your truck’s specifications match the ones suited for the swing case that you intend on purchasing. One of the top advantages of using a swing box is you can secure them with a heavy-duty lock so that no one can take your tools. In addition, the interior design of these cases makes them ideal for many gear types.

On top of each one, you will find a tray for storing smaller tools, such as drills and screwdrivers. This makes a swing case handy for construction workers and tradespeople.

When traditional toolboxes are in short supply, handypersons may feel tempted to opt for a swing box instead. Switching to a swing box is easy since they don’t take up as much space as a standard toolbox.

If you mount a toolbox to the truck cabin, it can take up a significant amount of space in your truck bed. However, you don’t have to worry if you use a swing case.

Add a Truck Bed Slide-Out Platform for Maximum Convenience

Another fantastic method for changing the way you store your equipment is to purchase a truck bed slide-out platform. For those who don’t know, these platforms consist primarily of two sections. The first is the platform frame, which you attach to your truck bed interior.

The other component is the sliding bed/drawer on which you place all your items. This section moves on track so that you can pull items in and out of your truck bed with the greatest of ease. These sliding beds can also be modified with cargo carriers to further help organize the items in your truck or van bed.

When you’re determining which model you may be interested in, it helps to know about the different types of materials that these platforms come from. Some manufacturers produce slide-out platforms with steel or aluminum, but other platforms will come with a deck with an embedded pattern for increased friction. This friction makes it less likely for someone to slip when walking on the platform, and it also reduces the likelihood of gears sliding around in the truck bed while you’re driving.

In terms of maximizing storage capabilities for your truck bed, slide-out platforms offer many advantages over their truck storage counterparts, especially if it includes a customized cargo carrier. For instance, this type of storage system provides you with the easiest method for loading and unloading your gear.

If you need to grab a tool from the back of your truck bed, you can skip all the unnecessary steps, open up the tailgate, and slide out the platform. Therefore, you can say goodbye to straining your back or climbing into the cabin if you use one of these platforms. Also, slide-out platforms are easily customizable because they work with numerous accessories.

Finally, sliding systems make your truck/van bed safer overall because you won’t have to strain your back by lifting heavy tools or equipment from awkward angles or risk twisting a knee or ankle climbing in and out of your vehicle. Many accidents occur when people exit the truck bed, but you can avoid these problems if you don’t enter the truck or van bed at all.

Increase Your Carrying Capacity Significantly With a Hitch Storage System

If you’re looking for an affordable way to carry a greater number of tools in your truck, a hitch storage system might be what you’re looking for. These systems are easy to install, and you can use them to carry all sorts of items, both big and small.

Whether you want to bring your bike on a road trip or you have too many large tools in your truck bed already, hitch storage systems allow you to conveniently attach items to the back of your truck. If you’re worried about their load capacity, you’ll be happy to know that hitch storage systems can easily carry hundreds of pounds.

However, you don’t need to carry large and heavy items to own a hitch storage system. Hitch storage systems are generally best suited for holding bulky items that don’t weigh too much, such as a metal cooler, portable grill, or camping equipment. Outdoor enthusiasts prefer hitch storage systems to carry their materials because all you have to do to tighten them to the tailgate is secure them with bungee cords.

But if you need more space to hold the items in your hitch storage system, you can increase the distance between your carrier and your tailgate with extender bars. Some companies even offer adjustable extender bars for further customization opportunities.

Nonetheless, both extender bars and hitch storage systems can modify the weight distribution of your truck. If you’re planning on driving with a heavy load on your hitch, be sure to take your truck out for a test drive so that nothing unexpected occurs on the road.

Overall, truck storage systems have come a long way over the years. Now that you know about three innovative truck storage ideas, you can look forward to many years of easily transporting your valuable tools.

Innovative Truck Storage Ideas