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Modifications for a Fire Apparatus That Work

Modifications for a Fire Apparatus That Work

Fire units must carry a lot of gear and get places quickly, which is why there’s so much training dedicated to lowering response times. One of the best ways you can improve your time is by improving the unit and enabling firefighters at the same time. Good vehicle modifications for a fire apparatus can work and improve your fire unit in many different ways. Here are some of the modifications you should look at adding into your fire unit.

Operation Modifications

The first modification you should explore is a modification that greatly alters how your apparatus functions. These modifications make many important parts of your operations easier and provide solutions to common issues your firefighters will encounter on the job. If you don’t have these in your unit already, you’re going to want to quickly add them.

Switch Control Board

While there are many different styles for switch control boards, all of them are extremely important for the function of your apparatus. Most newer units include digital switches, replacing old physical switches. This can save a lot of space and make it more convenient for the operator who physically throws switches.

Charging Station

Many tools firefighters need on the job use battery packs to charge them, like flashlights and radios. Ensuring that these tools have the charge to perform during regular operations is extremely important. A charging station can help make sure that’s the case. Putting one in the apparatus so that firefighters can charge their tools as they drive can make a huge difference.

Pressure Governor

Most current fire units use electric pressure governors to help keep pressure consistent for firefighters. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t use these electric governors, make sure you start looking for ones to install because inconsistent pressure can cause problems for firefighters as they preform their duties. Although most units will have one, these devices are so important that double checking is worth your time and might save lives.

Safety Modifications

Although it shouldn’t happen, fire units are in frequent accidents across the country due to other drivers not being safe. That’s why gear that keeps everyone in the unit safe is important for everyone involved. Adding extra modifications, like back cameras and extra seat belts, can keep your firefighters alive and healthy even in dangerous situations.

Communication Modifications

One of the most important things you can do to improve your fire unit is incorporate good communication in the vehicle. Both the communication between firefighters and the communication between the unit and deployment are crucial for the success of any operation. So, any modification that can improve communication is worth the investment and should be in your apparatus.

Two-Way Radios

One of the first things you should get in your fire unit is a good two-way radio that can connect your apparatuses to each other and an operator at deployment. This will help disseminate information quickly, improving response time and getting accurate information out fast. Improving the spread of information should be one of your highest priorities when it comes to your fire units.

Wi-Fi Connection

Another way you can increase communication across your units is with a good Wi-Fi connection on your fire apparatus. A good Wi-Fi means your firefighters can access the information they need from anywhere. It also gives you another way to reach your fire units if the two-way radio isn’t working for any reason. Another reason to use Wi-Fi is so that you can connect your units to automatic management programs that improve efficiency.

Storage Solutions Modifications

One of the biggest problems every fire apparatus has is storing all the necessary equipment and gear in the vehicle. While these units are quite large, the tank and all the necessary gear will quickly take up the room. That’s why storage solutions will quickly help you manage your space and organize your units.

Tool Racks Solutions

Tools are necessary for any number of situations, but storing them can be difficult because they don’t fit regular boxes easily. That’s why wall and ceiling-mounted tool racks can be useful for tool storage.

Dedicated Gear Storage

You should always make sure every piece of equipment has a dedicated spot to fit inside your apparatus. This will help with organization and maximizing your space utilization. Additionally, investing in storage solutions that’ll perfectly fit your specific gear will also maximize space.

Sliding Truck Beds

A great storage solution you should consider for your fire units is pull-out truck bed storage, which can give you a lot more control over your space utilization. This also helps with loading and unloading speed, improving your response speed and improves safety by preventing firefighters from staining themselves.

Tools To Add

There are plenty of tools you can add to your units that many people don’t consider until they see their benefits. These tools are things you can easily add into any design. They can have huge impacts on your operations and what you can manage. Look for ways you can add them to your units to make life a bit easier for your firefighters.

Dry Erase Boards

A dry erase board may sound like a pointless investment, but you can use a good dry erase board to track unit activities and needs. You can use these boards to spread information and develop plans in the moment. It’s hard to understand how useful these boards will be until you see them in action in the field. But know that it’s one of the simplest modifications for a fire apparatus that just works.

Portable Generator and Storage

Fire units tackle some of the most dangerous situations. You can’t always count on electricity on site. That’s why bringing it in the fire apparatus can be so useful, as you can power what you need. Finding a place to store a portable generator in your vehicle is a good idea. You’ll be ready for any situation.

These are just a few ideas you can try to add to your own fire apparatuses. They may help your firefighters as they tackle the various dangerous situations in the field. All these modifications help with operations or storage or response time to create a more efficient fire unit that’ll enable firefighters.

Modifications for a Fire Apparatus That Work