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A Guide to Dispersed Camping in a Pick-Up Truck

A Guide to Dispersed Camping in a Pick-Up Truck

Dispersed camping can be a lot of fun and even more freeing than normal camping, as you truly separate yourself from others. However, dispersed camping is a lot harder than normal tent camping, so many people like to bring a good off-road vehicle to make it easier. Here’s a short guide to help you use a pick-up truck for dispersed camping.

Pick the Best Spots

The first thing you need is a good spot to plant your tent and vehicle; you can’t just camp anywhere you want. Setting up your tent on private property without permission is illegal. Fortunately, many campgrounds around the country have space for dispersed camping.

Proper Camping Gear

Dispersed camping requires more camping gear, as you need to account for the off-road nature of your adventure. Heavy-duty items will help you during your trip because you’ll have a more intense encounter with the elements.

More Space in Your Truck

With the need for more gear, both for camping and vehicle care, you’ll also need more space to store things. Investing in storage solutions for your pick-up truck will give you that extra space you need on the trip. Look for truck bed slide-out trays, especially if your truck has a tonneau cover to help with storage organization, access and utilization.

Off-Road Capabilities

While a normal pick-up truck is great at driving off-road, it’s likely not ready for the off-roading you plan for camping. Look for ways you can improve your truck to drive off-road, like new tires with better grip or a good suspension system. This is one of the most important parts to dispersed camping in a pick-up truck.

Backup Plans

It’s dangerous to go camping so far away from other people, and contacting others is difficult because you’re separated from others and cellular service. Bring gear that’ll help you deal with any number of issues and invest in ways to contact others once you’re off-road. You should have backup plans for places to stay and tell others your plans, so you have something in place if things go wrong.

As long as you get all these things in order, camping with your pick-up will be easy. You’ll have a vehicle capable of going where you want and all the materials and gear you need for your trip. Additionally, you’ll be safe for the trip with backup plans in case anything goes wrong.