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The 4 Best Truck Slide-Outs for Police Units

The 4 Best Truck Slide-Outs for Police Units

Police units need a high-efficiency storage setup and design. Quick access to important gear and equipment is key when responding to an emergency. One of the best methods to organize and structure a vehicle’s storage area is to use a truck slide-out as they provide easy access and improve storage organization. Here are some great options for truck slide-outs for police units.

Writing Boards

A command center needs to organize and manage a lot of information quickly. Dry-erase writing boards give police officers a place to write and track information quickly while still accessing gear in their vehicles.

Sliding Drawers

When it comes to storing gear and equipment, a sliding drawer on your slide-out unit will optimize space and help you organize your gear. Proper organization is key for police response, and drawers allow you to quickly get all the small pieces of gear you need. You can even include lockable munitions drawers or ATF Type III Slide Out Day Boxes into your unit.

Open Shelving

Sometimes, you have no time to waste, and you just need to grab something on the run. Open shelves keep items in place but still give you access to the contents without a hassle. This is perfect for larger gear like body armor, traffic cones, or even a med kit—anything you’ll need quick access to in the case of an emergency.

Custom Slide-out Trays

The best police slide-out truck bed storage you can get is one get that matches your specific needs. A custom slide-out tray can have whatever features you need in your vehicle and carry whatever gear you have. This is the best way to optimize your police unit, and it’s the best option when it comes to truck slide-outs that fit your needs.

These slide-out trays are a great way to improve response times and maximize the storage space inside police vehicles. With a good custom slide-out tray for your vehicles, you’ll see better performance and fewer injuries from accessing storage.