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Will My Truck Bed Slide Work in a Cargo Van?

Will My Truck Bed Slide Work in a Cargo Van?

Truck bed slides are amazing tools for storing items in the back of your truck as you drive around. A good bed slide will make storage much easier as you can slide everything out for easy access to every section of the trunk. Additionally, these trays can improve safety as loading won’t strain your body because you no longer need to stretch to navigate around your truck. But many people worry about the efficiency and usefulness of truck bed slides in their cargo vans. Here’s what you should know.

Made to Your Model

Sliding trays aren’t one size fits all, and each tray is only meant for one specific vehicle model. This means that each tray will fit your vehicle’s exact needs as long as it’s the correct tray for your model. So, your cargo van will work perfectly with a good sliding trunk tray.

Is It Efficient?

While the tray might fit inside your vehicle, there’s still the question of the benefits of using these bed slides for your cargo van. However, these trays are very beneficial for anyone who uses their van to store items. By pulling out the contents of your van, you can easily load and unload items without hurting yourself by overstretching. Additionally, it’s very efficient as you can load your van up quickly and fit more inside the space simultaneously.

Is It Cost-Effective?

A custom truck bed slide will more than double the usable storage volume in your van because it doesn’t leave any dead space for getting in and out like traditional shelving storage systems. This means you can purchase a standard-length van with a standard roof height instead of upgrading to a longer, taller, and more expensive van. Finally, because you can carry more, it eliminates inefficient and costly trips back to the warehouse to pick up supplies or items to deliver like you would with a standard cargo van.

Custom Truck Bed Slides

The most significant reason to utilize these truck slides in your van is that you can customize them with us to create the tray that’ll fit your needs. Not only do you have a tray that fits your van, but you can also add whatever storage solutions you need to make the most of your space. That includes things like mounted shelving or heavy-duty drawer slides for trucks. We can help you add anything you need to make your van as useful as possible.

These are the reasons why your cargo van will benefit from utilizing a good truck bed slide. The extra safety for you and anyone using the vehicle should be a huge draw, and you’ll save money because of it. Additionally, you can fit a lot more into your vehicle because of the slide out tray, so you get a lot more use out of your cargo van.