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Traffic Enforcement Equipment Storage

June 16, 2021

Traffic Enforcement Equipment Storage

Extendobed-fitted vehicle

Carrying all the necessary equipment for traffic enforcement while still keeping track of your other items is a difficult challenge. There are just too many items for convenient storage in a normal police vehicle. Even when you do manage to get everything into one vehicle, it can be a pain to get it all out again. Oftentimes, you cannot organize all the equipment into the vehicle in a reasonable manner. That is why you should invest in some traffic enforcement equipment storage. One of the best ways to increase your storage is to use aftermarket modifications; something like a police car trunk organizer will maximize your space efficiency greatly.

Types of Trunk Organizers

At Extendobed, we offer many different high-quality organizers that provide amazing storage control and options. These organizers all provide over 100 percent slide-outs to give you easy access to all your storage. Plus, they can carry up to 3,000 pounds of equipment.

The St. Charles Organizer

This organizer is meant to carry all the forms of traffic enforcement equipment that you might need on the job. For example, scale racks carry weight scales while giving you easy access to the heavy equipment. The design also keeps in mind the proper lifting height of the equipment to best prevent back injury from carrying heavy equipment. There is also a creeper shelf to give you plenty of space to hold traffic cones and the like.

The DC Metro Organizer

This organizer is capable of carrying many of the items you may need for traffic enforcement. However, it also has many other drawers that can carry other equipment, giving you a lot of control over what you need and where it should go. The drawers pull out to give you full access over organization. There is an upper platform to give you space to store large objects as well.

Mind you that these are just a few of the pre-built organizers that Extendobed offers. There are plenty of other options available, plus you can make your own custom traffic enforcement equipment storage systems.