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10 Must-Have Supplies for Game Day Tailgating

September 26, 2022

10 Must-Have Supplies for Game Day Tailgating

10 Must-Have Supplies for Game Day Tailgating

Tailgating is a lot of fun, no matter who you are. The food is great, and the company is even better. But hosting a party is a lot harder than many people think because you need a lot of gear and supplies to make it a success. Here are 10 supplies you need for a game day tailgate with your friends.

Food and Cooking

Food is vital for any tailgate, and you can’t forget it. You’ll need some way to cook everything, so bring a charcoal grill. You’ll also need cooking utensils and meats that grill well. Look for sausages and burgers as mains.

  1. Charcoal grill
  2. Cooking tools
  3. Meats for the grill

Parking Lot Comfort

While food is very important, so is the means to sit and enjoy yourselves at the party. A good tailgating party will have folding chairs and a tent to provide a good seating area. Additionally, you’ll need a way of carrying all this gear, which is where vehicle slide-out trays come in handy, both to carry everything and to create more places to sit if necessary. A custom slide out designed specifically for tailgating is ideal as you can have space set aside for ice chests, BBQs, refrigerators, chairs, tables, pop-up tents and even mounting walls for big screen TVs. Extendobed can design a tailgating slide out unit specifically to meet your needs and there is no cost for the design work.

  1. Tents and chairs
  2. Extra storage

Party Entertainment

No party can survive a lack of entertainment, and counting on good conversation or the game won’t cut it. Bring speakers for some good music and outdoor games so people can stay active while waiting for the game to start.

  1. Speakers
  2. Games for the outdoors


Three of the 10 important supplies for game-day tailgating relate to drinks because they’re that important. Make sure you bring some of your best drinks for everyone to try. Additionally, it’s important to stay hydrated, so water and other non-alcoholic beverages will help people stay refreshed. Finally, you’ll want a cooler to keep everything cold.

  1. Alcoholic drinks
  2. Hydrating drinks
  3. Cooler

These things will help you have a great time at your tailgating party and are perfect for any group. Just bringing the right supplies will help put your party on the right path and make it a memorable time.