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Increasing Your Storage Capacity and Accessibility of a Work Van

Increasing the storage capacity and accessibility of your work van is not an obvious task, but there are clear steps you can take to start improving your vehicle. The name of the game is to plan and organize the layout of all the equipment and things you will need to carry. Installing what you need to carry everything properly while also keep your items secure for transport.


When it comes to organizing your work van, the best place to start is to figure out a better storage system. This means you should develop a system to store all your equipment and whatever else you need to bring in your vehicle. A great way to improve your storage is to install some shelving, a vehicle trunk organizer or even a slide out storage system in your van. These organizers not only increase your storage but also provide storage room for many different forms of equipment that you previously stored on the floor of the vehicle. These organizers keep worker injuries down as they provide better and safer access to equipment. You might also want to install smaller additions such as tool hooks or horizontal poles that can hold specific tools and cords for easy access.


Now, there are some practices you can put in place that will also greatly increase your storage efficiency. One thing to remember is to always store things with the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on top. This will keep everything more balanced during transport and will limit shifting. It is also advisable to keep anything you use frequently closer to the doors to make it easier to access. The last big step you can take is to clean everything daily. Wrappers and mud can quickly clutter up your van and make it harder to work. Cleaning a little bit every day can stop messes from accumulating and keep everything tidy for work.

By taking these steps, you will see that you are increasing the storage capacity and accessibility of your work van. Your productivity and efficiency will especially increase if you use an organizer for the van. Messes and poor organization won’t hold you and your workers back anymore.