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Tips for Designing Optimal Storage for Fire Apparatus Equipment

More so than most, fire departments must have clear storage organization along with efficient and easy access to all their gear when responding to a situation. Carrying around heavy equipment and essential gear isn’t an easy task to do, especially in quick and tense situations. Achieving this goal of efficiency is not an easy task as each department has different needs to address and tools to carry. However, there are some tips for designing optimal storage for fire apparatus equipment that can help any department.


Before you can do any planning for your trucks you have to first know what you plan to bring. Do an in-depth inventory check and figure out what you need. Clearing out the truck and taking accurate measurements along with a good inventory is key to planning your storage. Once you know what you’re bringing, it’s time to plan out exactly where you’re putting everything. Remember one of the basic rules of storage: heavy things go on the bottom, securing objects to prevent movement when driving. Also, the most used items need to be quickly available. During this process you may discover you need more room, or you have space you can’t use. A way to better utilize this space is through the use of aftermarket modifications.


There are many useful modifications you could add to a truck, from better wheels to additional storage. If you’re looking to increase your ability to carry equipment and gear, the best way is by using pull out truck bed storage. While you can get some premade and standardized, getting a custom one from us at Extendobed will serve you better. By getting a custom bed storage you can increase your storage by up to 200 percent more than premade organizers. Our custom organizers reduce injury risk and give full access to equipment due to our unique over-110% extension feature which brings the slide out past the taillights for full access or for mounting drawers, SCBA slide-out walls or sliding equipment trays at the back end of the custom pull out bed storage slide. .

One last tip for designing optimal storage for fire apparatus equipment is to plan for more than you currently have. You’ll likely need this extra room for additional gear or equipment that you get in the future. Having a bit of extra space to work with is always better than being short on room.