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How To Organize Your Equipment in Your Truck

Trucks have some of the most incredible carrying capacity, and any truck driver will know that to be true. One of the biggest benefits of a truck is its ability to carry so much stuff. They function as great transport vehicles and can help any company or person who finds that they need to carry a large number of things. However, even with all this extra room that a truck has, it can often feel as though there is just never enough room. If you feel this way, it might be time to tackle your storage habits to try to get the most out of your truck’s storage. To help you, here is how to organize your equipment in your truck to squeeze out the most efficient use of your trunk.

Tips for Storage

These are tricks and suggestions that can help you maximize your usage of your truck’s space. These will help you keep everything organized a bit more and you can squeeze out some more room. However, these tips alone will not give you a huge increase in space efficiency or allow you to carry too much more than you already could.

Heavy Things on Bottom

The first tip you should follow is to always place heavier objects at the bottom of any stack. By doing this, you accomplish several things. The first is that the balance of the pile is better when a heavy object is placed on the bottom. A top-heavy stack of items is a lot more likely to fall or shift around during transport. The second thing that it prevents is crushing lighter objects. By placing the heavier objects on the floor, you don’t put pressure on lighter objects. This protects both the heavier and lighter items from damage.

Organize by Usefulness

Another tip to help you organize is to plan your equipment layout according to the usefulness of what you are storing. Equipment and tools that you use often should be nearest to the sides or the tailgate and should be readily accessible. Storing these items close to the access points will ensure that you don’t have to search for them and save you time. It can even be beneficial to store things in the door storage or add additional storage to the door.

Starting From Square One

If you are truly serious about organizing your truck, you should start by cleaning it out fully. Starting with a blank canvas is how you will get the best results for your efforts. That means you should not only clean up any wrappers; you should remove anything you have stored in there and really sweep out any dirt and grime that has built up during use. You should also temporarily remove any small modifications you made to the trunk or truck bed to get yourself a truly clean bed You can also think about getting new storage modifications that will help more than your current ones if you remove the ones you have installed.

Expand Your Storage

Another option to improve your organization and efficiency of your truck is to use aftermarket modifications to add storage systems and extra storage space. Some easy options for this include drawers and door storage that can hold any number of items or tools. Installing drawers and shelves can really open your truck up, especially if installed on a sliding deck, and give you a lot more space to use efficiently and keep yourself organized. There are also truck trunk organizers that can further add a lot of different features that help with storage.

These truck organizers are a great way to maximize your storage efficiency. The organizers add many different parts that are meant to increase the usability of your truck space. Additional drawers and holding areas for tools are not uncommon, along with a sliding tray to give better access to the storage. Cool features like writing areas and document storage can also come with the organizers. Now there are standard organizers, but Extendobed makes quality custom organizers that will fit your specifications and requirements perfectly. By ordering a custom one, you ensure that you are getting exactly what you need for your truck storage. You can change the number of drawers you will have and alter their size, along with including storage for unique equipment that you have, like traffic cone storage, generators, welders, air compressors or approved gun storage.

Gear That Can Help

One of the last things you can do to optimize your storage space is to invest in accessories that help keep your storage in order. You will want to look into things like cargo nets which help tie tools and equipment down to prevent sliding during transport. It is very important to prevent these bulky items from sliding around your truck, as moving items can cause damage to themselves and other items. Additionally, when items move around, it can become hard to find them again, costing time and energy to find the things you need.

Other great additions to trucks are things that add storage to the walls of the truck. You can add hooks or Velcro to the sides of the trunk to efficiently carry some tools or lighter objects. These kinds of add-ons are very good for commonly used items, as they can be installed near the doors of the truck. They can even add extra storage to the doors themselves if it is the correct type of door. You can also find a lot of success in adding a grate or horizontal poles to the top of a truck to allow you to hang things like cord or string to utilize some more space.

By following these tips on how to organize your equipment in your truck, you will find that you are able to fit more equipment and keep it better organized. You will see that once you have fully organized your equipment, you will have greater productivity. Now, if you are still lacking storage space after these tips, then our custom trunk storage systems from Extendobed are going to be your best bet. Our Extendobed trunk storage systems efficiently use the space you have and can even provide even more useful storage volume than the default truck.