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Must-Have Additions To Any Service Truck or Van

Must-Have Additions To Any Service Truck or Van

Your service truck holds all your equipment and the materials you need to solve any problems you have on the job. However, a truck can do more than just carry your equipment. Here are some Must-have additions to any service truck or van that can make your job quicker, safer, and easier.

Storage Additions

One of the biggest changes you can make for your service truck is adding in extra storage. Storage is important for a truck or van and adding more is extremely helpful. You’ll be able to carry all the tools and equipment you need. Adding in a new tool cabinet or under-seat storage can drastically change the usefulness of your truck.

Storage Organizers

Another option for increasing your effective storage space is to invest in storage organizers. These additional modifications don’t add extra storage space, but let you organize your equipment to efficiently store all of it within the space you already have. Some of them help speed up your loading process, making it faster and safer than before. A good space organizer—such as the vehicle slide-out trays from Extendobed—can help you double your current storage capacity.


Another modification that can really help service vehicles is additional lighting on the inside and outside of the truck. The style of lighting you need and where it illuminates changes depending on your job. Follow local lighting laws—some states prohibit the attachment of certain lighting systems on any vehicle to prevent accidents.


Although you already have a set of wheels, changing to a specialized set can improve your vehicle’s gas consumption and handling in certain environments. The type of wheel that’ll help you the most depends on your job and where you’ll be driving. For example, a set of all-terrain wheels can be very useful on a construction site where workers must deal with uneven roads.

These must-have additions to any service truck or van are going to improve your vehicle and efficiency, but there are other modifications that can help as well. You know what’s best for your situation and vehicle, so it’s worth looking into other options that may help your productivity.