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The Best Organization Mods for Any Service Truck

The Best Organization Mods for Any Service Truck

Storage space inside of a service truck is always limited, but these trucks need to carry a lot of gear and materials to certain jobs. That’s why optimizing the space you have is crucial for a good service vehicle. The best way to do that is with organization mods. Here are a few that can fit into almost any service truck.

Full Extension Drawers

Although you can install many different types of drawers, full extension drawers are perfect for carrying tools and gear as you can easily access every part. The full extension also makes it easy to grab everything without straining yourself or putting the equipment at risk, so loading and unloading are a breeze.

Sliding Tray

A large truck bed sliding tray is a tray that sits in your bed and slides out of the vehicle. This is great for carrying items and organization as the sliding tray allows you to access any part of your storage area easily. Instead of reaching into your vehicle to store items and straining yourself, you can get to your gear quickly and with a lot less risk. Additionally, all the other modifications can go on a sliding tray, making it the perfect starting place for your mods. Make sure the sliding tray you install extends over 100% and past the taillights.

Mounted Boxes

You can’t have your gear moving around in transit, but sometimes tying it down can take up a lot of space. That’s where a mounted box can work wonders. You can keep something safe while driving around and save space at the same time. Mounted boxes are great for breakable gear or any small items you don’t want to lose.

Tool Racks

Another great organization mod for your service trucks is tool racks. Tools can be difficult to carry as they’re unusual shapes and weights. However, a tool rack can carry your tools while using the least amount of space and organizing them at the same time. You can even invest in hanging or wall-mounted racks to use space you weren’t using before.

These are the modifications you should keep an eye out for when looking to improve your organization. Any service vehicle can benefit greatly from any of these modifications, and each one can improve your worker’s efficiency and safety if you use them correctly.