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5 Great Work Truck Organization Ideas for 2022

5 Great Work Truck Organization Ideas for 2022

Work trucks carry some of the heaviest loads and equipment for their jobs, which can cause problems when you need just a bit more room for something else, or you need to be able to access what you have stored in your truck bed, even with a truck shell or tonneau cover installed. However, you can usually make this room by properly organizing and modifying your vehicle. Here are five great work truck organization ideas for 2022 that you can try out for yourself.

Easy Access

First off, tackling your gear and equipment so it’s easy to access is key for both space utilization and work efficiency. Putting tools you frequently use by access spots, like doors, gives these items a place and speeds up loading and unloading. Other tricks, like putting heavy items on the bottom, can have similar effects while also improving worker safety.

Truck Bed Slide-Outs

The bed of a work truck is a huge benefit for any business, but it can be difficult to use all its potential. An easy solution is using a vehicle slide-out tray, like the custom ones from Extendobed. These truck bed slide-outs work great for efficiency storage and space utilization, increase the safety of workers, and Extendobed trays are the only ones that extend past the taillights – over 110% extension..

Modular Storage

There are many storage solutions out there on the market, but modular storage is one of the best for space efficiency. Additionally, using this with a truck bed slide-out can greatly increase your storage capabilities without adding extra space to your vehicle.

Tool Rack

One of the five great work truck organization ideas for 2022 is tool racks. This is such a useful part of storage improvement that it should get its own segment. A lot of space around the walls and ceiling of a work truck doesn’t see much use, but tool racks can help utilize that space well. By installing tool racks, you can store your odd tools that don’t fit well in a box, and by doing so, you’ll save room for storing other items.


Worker safety should be the highest priority of any workplace or business, as workers drive the whole company. All your upgrades should increase storage capabilities but also help reduce the risks workers take. From slide-out trays that make loading easier to tool racks that prevent loose tools, keeping your workers safe is easy and a good investment.

All these ideas are great for bettering your storage options and organization in your work vehicles. The best thing is that you can mix and match them, creating a system that works best for you and your vehicles. Plan ahead to create a system that massively improves your current storage possibilities and better protects your workers.