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What You Need To Know About Upgrading Your Industrial Van

What You Need To Know About Upgrading Your Industrial Van

Many industrial businesses and services are turning to vans for their service vehicles because they have a lot of storage volume and can be locked up, protecting the contents. But the problem is many workers throw stuff on the floor of their vans, even in ones upfitted with storage shelves, making it slow and inefficient to find items. Unloading and reloading their vans every time they need something can really hamper work. That’s why so many industrial vans use upgrades to improve their productivity and usefulness. This is what you need to know about upgrading your industrial van and some ways you can do it.


First off, storage and equipment organization are major factors of productivity in an industrial van. Without the proper care, you lose efficiency in your space, and workers slow down dealing with the ineffective storage. Invest in proper storage modifications, like a shelving and drawer system, or a sliding trunk tray, that organizes the space you already have so you can utilize it better. Note that a slide out can almost double the storage volume over a traditional shelf/drawer system because it utilizes the dead space usually needed in shelf/drawer systems to get in the van and open drawers. Plus, a slide out storage option can help limit employee risks of injuries occurring from climbing in and out of the van multiple times per day..


Another upgrade you should get for your van is a boost to their security features. Each vehicle is a big investment for a company, and each can carry a lot of expensive equipment. Protecting your investments is important, so you must install safety measures that secure your equipment and deter any would-be thieves.


Another part of what you need to know about upgrading your industrial van is about the van’s performance. Slow vans with poor handling can be inefficient for workers and a danger for everyone. That’s why you should look into tire upgrades for better handling and speed. You can couple this with other aftermarket modifications that help your van perform the ways that most benefits your business.


A lot can happen on each task you send your van on, which is why good communication is key for these vehicles. Creating and investing in communication systems that help workers stay in contact and current with any work news is important. These systems limit confusion and help workers avoid issues around the job.

Custom Changes

The last part of your industrial van upgrade that you should worry about is what your work needs. Every industry is different and will need solutions for different problems. Talk with your workers about these issues and work together for solutions that solve them. This may mean you need changes for vehicles that aren’t standard, but it’ll be worth it because they fulfill your needs. So, be careful and full plan out your upgrades for the best result.