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Important On-Site Tools Every Farrier Needs

Important On-Site Tools Every Farrier Needs

A farrier has an essential and specific job, and the horse and the rider depend on them greatly. That’s why having the right tools for the job is vital for business. Here are some important on-site tools every farrier needs both at the home stables and out doing calls.

The Hoof Cleaning Tools

There are many hoof-cleaning tools that a farrier needs to do their job. A more comprehensive list includes a hoof tester, rasp, farrier’s knife, hoof stand, hoof nippers, horseshoe pullers, nailing hammer, nail clincher, and a clinching block. All these items are necessary for hoof cleaning, and a farrier will use most—if not all—of them while on a call.

A Portable Anvil

A great move in the farrier business is to take your operations to your clients. You’ll need a portable setup for all your tools and equipment to do this. Investing in a portable anvil is a great idea because it’s vital for horseshoe production and maintenance. You’ll need a durable space for metalworking, and an anvil provides just that.

A Portable Forge

Similar to the portable anvil, a forge is a necessary part of a farrier’s toolkit. However, bringing both a forge and an anvil around can quickly fill up your vehicle space, and accessing them is even more difficult. Even with a larger vehicle, investing in a vehicle trunk organizer can greatly help carry all the tools you need for your job.

A Hoof Gauge

Another important on-site tool every farrier needs is the hoof gauge. This tool measures the angles and curves of a horseshoe. This tool can be very useful for accurately shoeing horses and checking your work. It’s great for inspecting the balance between the left and right hooves of the horse before you finish the job.

A farrier needs a lot of equipment no matter the job. Even if they don’t use every tool for the job, they’ll eventually need it for a job soon. That’s why farriers need to have these on hand at every appointment.