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Tips for Keeping Small Tools Secure in a Work Truck

Tips for Keeping Small Tools Secure in a Work Truck

Even for the simplest and roughest jobs, work trucks, vans and SUVs are full of sensitive and delicate equipment and tools. Keeping everything safe and secure during transport can be difficult without the proper preparations. This is especially true for those small tools that are hard to track and store safely. Try using these tips for keeping small tools secure in a work truck for your own organizational needs.

Locked Cabinet or Drawers

One of the more difficult parts of storing small tools is that they often move around during transport. However, locking them away in a cabinet or drawer can help keep your tools in the same place and make organization much easier. Additionally, you can lock these drawers and cabinets to help prevent theft.

Wall Tool Rack

There are many different aftermarket modifications that you can get for your work truck, but one of the simplest and most effective is a tool rack that attaches to your vehicle’s walls. This is a great way to hang your tools safely and utilize the space of your vehicle without adding more storage space. This is a fast way to efficiently organize your tools and keep them secure.

Custom Sliding Tray

The bed or trunk of a work truck is often inefficient for storing all the tools and gear you need to carry. Even if you have the room, there’s no great way to quickly load and unload all your gear while carrying it all. That’s why investing in a custom sliding tray can help you efficiently store your items and improve packing speeds greatly. These custom trays can include a variety of storage solutions, like heavy-duty drawer slides for trucks, that help you keep all your items and gear safe during transport.

Secure Lockbox

Another tip for keeping small tools secure in a work truck is to use a lockbox. These strong boxes can keep your items safe from a variety of dangers, like theft and movement during transportation. You can look to get a lockbox installed in your truck or get them in the custom trays. You can even just buy a loose lockbox, which isn’t the best method but will work in a pinch. This is a great way to protect a few items, but it can waste a lot of space if you don’t utilize it properly.

These are some of the best and simplest ways you can safely secure small tools in your work truck. Each method is also a great option for better space utilization for your truck, making it easier to transfer all your gear. Look for ways you can include multiple storage solutions into your truck’s design.