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Agriculture unit

Agriculture Units for Modern Day Farmers

As a farmer or rancher each day requires strenuous work under the sun with a variety of tools and equipment to make a profit. Designed with space in mind, Extendobed products allow you to be more efficient on the job. We take pride in the custom designs created to fit specific needs of every vehicle on your property. With a durable, long-lasting unit that offers 100% extension and the ability to carry up to 3,000lbs

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Sportsman Units for Summer Fun

It’s finally summer and warming up here in Idaho, which means we are pretending we are on the water right now instead of in the office. Extendobed Sportsman Units can be custom configured to fit your outdoor needs. Our slideouts store your gear safely, efficiently, and out of the way until you need it. Haul your fishing boat, motors, and four wheeler for those tough to get to spots on the upper platform. You can

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21 Must-Have Items for Every Hunting Excursion

Whether you hunt elk every year at your getaway cabin in the woods or are planning a long distance trip to harvest a once in a lifetime ram, you’re going to need a couple pieces of essential gear. Bad luck that many incur while hunting is often attributed to missing a key item forgotten back at home or at camp.  As a hunting fanatic, the essential items are near impossible to forget: tents, food, ammunition

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These 7 Truck Accessories Will Improve Your Overlanding Experience

Overlanding adventures are one of the fastest growing trends in travel. This type of travel typically includes covering long distances in an off-road vehicle where the experience is more important than the destination. Overlanding differs from traditional camping by relying heavily on your vehicle and committing to a minimal self-sustaining lifestyle. A standard overlanding trip will steer far away from industrialized areas and their luxuries. This means you need to make sure your truck is

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Customer Shout Out!

This weeks customer shout out goes to Tri County Health. The custom built 72″ Extendobed with full extension lock and 1500 lbs capacity was designed specifically for their needs. This unit with upper and lower platforms and a narrow tool rack includes a safety screen, two (2) locking drawers, a center mounting wall, and a dry-erase fold-down table.  

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happy thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Extendobed! We are thankful for all of our awesome customers, and our amazing team of staff and shop floor employees for all they do! Wishing everyone a great turkey day!!

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