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Top Methods for Organizing the Equipment in Your Truck

May 23, 2022

Top Methods for Organizing the Equipment in Your Truck

Top Methods for Organizing the Equipment in Your Truck

No matter which line of work you’re in, everyone knows that a pickup truck is one of the best vehicles for tough jobs. They have plenty of space to store tools, adequate towing capabilities, and the ability to transport large items.

Every truck driver wants their vehicle to be clean, but that’s not always easy. With the day-to-day stresses of work eating up all our attention, cleanliness and organization can sometimes fall by the wayside.

Luckily, there are many ways you can organize your truck, and in this guide, you will learn some of the best ones. With this in mind, here are the top methods for organizing the equipment in your truck.

Keeping Smaller Items in Truck Bed Cases

A popular storage item for many pickup truck drivers is a swing case, which is a case that comes in tough plastic and swings out 180 degrees for easy access. These cases are usually for storing smaller hand tools, so you won’t be able to put anything too big in them.

However, they serve their purpose quite well, and if there are smaller items that you don’t want to store in the passenger seat, this is the perfect case to hold these sorts of objects. The swinging feature allows you to access these items without entering your truck’s bed, which is incredibly convenient.

Nonetheless, the swing case isn’t the only kind of truck storage organizer that offers this advantage. Wheel well storage is another helpful case for your truck because it helps you utilize space in your bed that you might not have used before.

Wheel well cases allow you to store items right above your truck wheels without interfering with your toppers and covers. Between swing cases and wheel well storage, you should be able to handle smaller items with ease.

Organizing Larger Items With Slide-Out Bed Extenders

At some point during any truck owner’s life, they will think about what their vehicle could hold if the bed were a tiny bit longer. If you’ve ever had this thought, then look no further than slide-out bed extenders. These devices allow you to access your gear without entering the bed just like swing cases, except they can hold much larger gear or greater quantities of smaller items.

There are many different kinds of slide-out bed extenders, some of which can even serve as a worktable for you to use. Essentially, this piece of equipment can transform your truck from a transportation device into a dedicated mobile workstation. Also, if 100% extension isn’t enough, Extendobed has slide-out bed extenders that go past your taillights, so you can truly maximize your storage capabilities.

Carrying Groceries and Sporting Equipment With Cargo Nets and Bags

Cargo nets and bags help you secure your load so that things don’t slide around on your bed while you’re driving. These items are especially useful for groceries and sporting equipment, so you might want to invest in them if you have kids at home.

Nevertheless, you can also use cargo nets and bags for holding many other things, including work equipment. However, if you have nails, screws, or sharper objects, they might pierce the material and cause it to rip, so you will probably want to keep them in a swing case or slide-out bed extender.

Keep Your Boxes and Coolers at Bay With a Cargo Bar

A cargo bar is a relatively straightforward organizational tool, as it’s just a metal bar that you can use to separate items or secure them. This device is most practical for storing boxes, bins, and coolers because it’s just a bar, so you will need to organize your stuff with containers of some kind.

Additionally, if you are transporting large appliances like a refrigerator or freezer, a cargo bar will help you secure them to the bed so that they don’t bang around. When appliances like these aren’t secured, they could get damaged when they slide or even damage your vehicle due to their sheer size and weight.

Make Use of Under-Seat Storage in Your Cab

Your truck bed isn’t the only place where you can store items. The cab also offers you plenty of room to store gear, but naturally, there won’t be as much space as there is in the bed. Thankfully, a few companies offer under-seat storage for your cab so that you can keep things out of sight and out of mind while your eyes are on the road.

You can mount these bins to the underside of your seat or just leave them behind you if you don’t have any passengers. These bins are perfect for laptops, first aid kits, hand tools, and writing utensils. There are also hanging cab organizers, which let you hang them on the back of your seat.

They might take up more space in the back, but they’re also easier to reach than under-seat storage bins. The main thing you need to decide is whether you want your things to be within reach or out of view.

Reap the Benefits of Console Organizers

Any items that you use on a frequent basis should be in the center console of your truck. Snacks, drinks, smartphones, and chargers are all essential items to have on hand when you’re sitting up front.

Depending on how much you typically carry with you, the center console and the glove box might not be enough storage. Luckily, there are padded console organizers that you can adjust to keep numerous items secure. Snacks and drinks might not seem important, but if you are working hard at your job all day and experience a late-afternoon slump, you will wonder how you could possibly work without them.

Overall, truck beds afford you plenty of room to store stuff, but they don’t give you pointers on how you should go about organizing things. Thankfully, now that you know some of the top methods for organizing the equipment in your truck, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping track of your vital equipment.

Top Methods for Organizing the Equipment in Your Truck