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5 Weapon Storage Ideas for Tactical & Police Vehicles

June 10, 2022

5 Weapon Storage Ideas for Tactical & Police Vehicles

5 Weapon Storage Ideas for Tactical & Police Vehicles

Every second can be vitally important for police response, so speeding up the gearing-up process should be a necessity. Simply throwing all the gear into a trunk won’t work and will slow down officers during a crisis. Investing in gear storage that helps police react and get their weapons quickly will help in a crisis. Here are five weapon storage solutions for tactical & police vehicles you can use yourself.

Sliding Drawers

One of the simplest solutions for weapon storage is the sliding drawer. This solution can work very well for weapon storage as it keeps your gear separate and easy to grab. You can easily get lockable versions with separate storage areas for ammo and other small pieces of gear.

Weapon Lockboxes

Another great option is mounted lockboxes, as they hold your weapon in place, and the added security can prevent theft. You can easily find lockboxes for whatever gear you need or have them custom made to fit specific gear.

Tactical Gear Racks

Although those solutions can really help with weapon storage, you can keep all your gear together with tactical gear racks. These storage systems can hold everything you use in the open for speedy responses and make equipping yourself easy. You can easily put your tactical gear in one place and organize it to best suit your needs on one of these racks.

Sliding Trays

Police work requires storing a lot of gear in one vehicle. Investing in police slide-out truck bed storage overhauls your SUV or truck’s storage into a system that fits you. You can pull out the whole truck bed or storage area and reach every part quickly and easily. Plus, these systems are highly customizable to fit whatever other storage solutions you need, which makes for the ultimate speedy storage solution.

Hanging Racks

Sometimes, it’s easiest to store your gear by hanging it, whether it’s from a wall-mounted rack or an overhead system. This can be great for fast situations as gear and weapons are easier to grab at shoulder height. However, these systems offer less protection from theft since the weapons and gear hang in sight.

These five weapon storage solutions for tactical and police vehicles are great for all your gear. When you organize your storage space and keep your things in place, you can greatly increase your response time.