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Join us at FireShowsWest!!

September 28, 2016

Extendobed and Boise Mobile Equipment will be at the FireShowsWest Fire Service Training Conference and Expo in Reno, Nevada on October 3rd through the 6th! Come check out our custom truck bed extenders!!


Check Out This Dog Kennel!

September 14, 2016

Recently built! Dual Dog Kennel designed to sit behind the drivers seat in a Chevy® Suburban. This unit contains two removable kennels, an access door in-between to allow an exit path in emergency situations, and a base that contains drawers and extra storage space.


PD Unit Storage Box

August 24, 2016

BME Upfitting & Communications Solutions Divison’s recent delivery features an Extendobed® PD Unit Storage Box containing a full-extension locking drawer with adjustable dividers for better organization, and an upper shelf with containment rails to keep items from rolling off. This storage box is capable of carrying 300 lbs of cargo!


Customer Review

July 14, 2016

Reviewed by customer… “I recently purchased the Milwaukee Sires Unit for my truck. I worked with Mr. Tim Ryan and the experience was second-to-none. The unit itself was excellent quality. I was very impressed with the structural design and stability of the unit. I would say it is as close as you can come to being firefighter proof. … To say the very least, I am extremely pleased with my unit; it is even better than I was expecting. I have recommended co-workers to give ya’ll a call.”

– Emergency Response Manager, HEPACO


New PD Unit!

June 27, 2016

Check out our new PD Unit recently installed in BME Upfitting and Communications Solutions’s Interceptor! All steel tactical / storage unit with 100% extension on heavy slides and protective Bullet Liner® coating.


Extendobed in a wreck

May 29, 2014

If you have ever wondered what happens to your Extendobed when your vehicle is wrecked, look at the following pictures. In reality, not much happens. This particular vehicle rolled several times and was demolished; however, the Extendobed only suffered a few scrapes and bends. We make our units so they are able to take abuse in many different forms and punishment in a variety of situations. Our units are built to last.


26 Years in Business

April 25, 2014

Several years ago we had a gentleman show up at our office with his truck, which had an existing Extendobed® in it.  The owner expressed that he was very pleased with his Extendobed® and wanted to order another unit for a separate vehicle.  We proceeded to take the order and inspect his existing unit.  Much to our surprise, the Extendobed® had a serial number of 1.  The unit was built over 25 years ago and was one of the first commercial units sold by Extendobed®.  We were proud to see one of our oldest units still in service after so many years.  We asked if we could repaint it and clean it up, but we were told the unit worked fine in its existing condition and did not need repainting.  The owner did allow us time to service it and change out some bearings.  Without the service, his Extendobed® was still functioning as it did when it left our facility 25 years ago.


  • Extendobed®

    For nearly 30 years, Extendobed has put our units to work in some of the toughest environments imaginable. From life-threatening situations to everyday job responsibilities, you can count on Extendobed to perform anywhere, any day of the week. Manufactured in the USA and built to last, Extendobed creates high-quality custom-designed truck bed extenders, truck bed organizers and more.



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