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Law and Traffic Enforcement Solutions

October 16, 2019

Regardless of your job, having an organized workspace where everything you need is at your fingertips is important. And if you’re a crime scene investigator, SWAT team member, or traffic control technician, your “workspace” is wherever you’re needed at that moment.

In law and traffic enforcement, it’s especially critical (and even at times lifesaving) that your work vehicle become your mobile “command center,” with all your tools and equipment ready, organized, and safe from damage and theft. Here are three Extendobed solutions designed specifically for you and your team’s needs.

For crime scene investigators, storing and preserving physical evidence from a crime scene is crucial. Such a methodical and careful job requires a mobile space that is both well-organized and secure. The DC Metro unit is one of the most compartmentalized extension beds that we offer; its functional design features multiple storage compartments, a full-extension drawer, pull-out trays, and an upper platform for optimal organization. Safely and securely store evidence collection kits, flagging equipment, toolkits, PPE, and all other equipment (large and small) that investigators need handy at the scene. The DC Metro is fully customizable for any type of CSI vehicle, from vans to trucks, and its storage design is also customizable so that it’s made to function best with how you work.
Transporting traffic control equipment is tricky; it involves hauling a lot of heavy, bulky equipment that often needs to be loaded and unloaded quickly, and accessible at all times. Heavy traffic control equipment includes weight scales that typically weigh between 40-50lbs. This can be a back-breaking, work injury nightmare with constant loading and unloading at various sites. The compact design of our St. Charles unit addresses this common industry challenge, and others, when it comes to hauling and organizing traffic control equipment. The St. Charles extended bed comes equipped with scale racks that make weight scales easily accessible. A creeper shelf and an upper platform with steel cage containment is also part of the St. Charles design, allowing easy loading and unloading of traffic cones, barricades, barriers, flare tubes, and other traffic control equipment and supplies. Fully customizable to fit the size and function of your traffic control vehicle, the St. Charles can have up to a 3,000 lb. capacity in a compact, multi-functional design.
Double the amount of storage in your SWAT vehicle with our LA Van slideout, which creates vertical storage (especially effective for taller vehicles) with multiple, stacked storage compartments made from heavy-duty steel caging. This unit’s ultra-functional design includes full-extension locking drawers to keep tactical equipment secure, and storage compartments large and small for transporting everything from weight scales and air compressors to medical bags and weather tents — all in an organized, easy-to-find manner. Designed expressly for SWAT and tactical teams, the LA Van is also fully customizable to fit the size and usability of your van. Additional custom options include a power drive, which makes extending and retracting the slideout from the vehicle effortless, especially on steep inclines and rough terrains. Custom shelving for van walls and on the slideout unit itself is also available as an option.

At Extendobed, we have been serving the law and traffic enforcement professionals for over 30 years with our industrial-strength extended beds. With an extension of over 100% that brings the entire slideout past the taillights and a weight capacity of up to 3,000 lbs., our heavy-duty bed extenders are fully customizable for how you work best.

To learn how a custom Extendobed solution can meet your specific needs, email us at:


How SWAT and Bomb Units Stay Effective and Keep People Safe

June 19, 2019

SWAT teams and bomb units are highly trained, and they require specialized equipment to do their jobs safely and effectively. When these teams are called in, they face tense, time-sensitive situations — and seconds matter.

Developed in the 1960s by the Los Angeles Police Department, SWAT teams now exist in 90% of cities with a population of more than 50,000 residents. That translates to around 1,200 police department-coordinated SWAT teams.

Bomb squads are trained to handle and safely dispose of potentially explosive materials, and they deal with more than just intentionally fabricated bombs. A bomb squad may also handle fireworks, dangerous chemical combinations, and accidents involving volatile or combustible materials. These specialized teams are full-time forces, sometimes supplemented by reserve officers, and they work with local law enforcement to keep communities safe.

Having well-organized and easy-to-access equipment in their mobile units makes SWAT teams and bomb units safer and more effective. Let’s consider what the field might look like for these crisis specialists.


SWAT stands for Specialized Weapons and Tactics. These teams respond to a variety of dangerous situations. For example, a SWAT team might be called in to a hostage situation, in which innocent people are in a vulnerable position between law enforcement and suspects. These types of situations are rarely clear cut, and they often include rapidly changing environments and many unknowns.

SWAT teams may also be called to assist with crowd control or dispersal during events where a large number of people congregate, including rallies, marches, and sport gatherings. In each of these settings, there’s a real possibility of a riot breaking out. Law enforcement units with specialized training designed to keep crowds safe are sometimes the difference between a peaceful gathering and a dangerous public incident. Other circumstances include active shooter scenarios, barricaded suspects, and counterterrorism situations.

For bomb squads, circumstances can vary broadly. Someone may call in a bomb threat to a school, shopping center, or other populated public location, prompting immediate mobilization, evacuation, and slow, careful implementation of safety protocols. Traffic accidents or job site accidents may also require a bomb squad.

Bomb squads and SWAT teams each have their own specialized tools and equipment, which must be safely transported in the correct quantities and in a neatly organized and accessible fashion.


You’ll find SWAT teams carrying specific equipment such as advanced imaging tools to see where people are inside a building, body armor and shields, and specialized gas. Each tool they carry addresses the safety of the SWAT officer, the people involved in the incident, and bystanders. In addition, SWAT team members use standard law enforcement equipment such as evidence collection kits, first aid medical supplies, and weapons.

Bomb squads use robots that are specifically designed to approach potential — and actual — explosives. They also utilize x-ray equipment, special suiting material to protect their specialists, containment vessels, and much more specialized materials. Incident locations are diverse and often unpredictable, so getting each situation under control quickly and safely is the top priority.

Because of the wide variation of circumstances that SWAT teams and bomb squads encounter, safety, organization, reliability, and quick access to equipment are of the utmost importance. Custom organizational solutions go a long way in helping ensure a safe and effective work environment for these law enforcement units.


In high-pressure situations where circumstances change from moment to moment, being able to access the right tool makes a big difference — not just for efficiency but also for safety. If a barricaded individual suddenly threatens a hostage, officers need to be able to locate, activate, and deploy the correct tool to neutralize the situation with speed and ease.

A custom-built solution such as Extendobed’s Collier Unit (pictured below) — which includes a narrow tool rack with containment caging and a safety screen, a special weapons box, and a small table and bookcase enclosure — can ensure effective deployment, control, and communication in any circumstance. Likewise, Extendobed’s Henderson Bomb Unit (pictured below) features a uniquely configured upper platform with a safety screen and second shelf, an ATF Type-3 day box/explosives box, a locking compartment on the driver’s side, and a locking weapons drawer.

Each Extendobed installation caters directly to each team’s needs and accounts for equipment, chain of custody, and officer and community safety. To learn how a custom Extendobed solution can meet your needs, email us at:


Organization and Planning Actually Save Lives

April 11, 2019

Firefighting crews are some of the most well-organized, tightly controlled teams in the world. Having a plan, the right tools, a team that backs each other up, and reliable equipment are all essential aspects of an effective firefighting team. The final piece is efficient communication, which is where command centers come in.

A mobile command center brings the power of a brick and mortar command location right to the front lines, where crews can take control of dangerous incidents. Therefore, a mobile command center can help meet the challenges of emergency response more efficiently — here’s how.


Commanders are responsible for the lives of their firefighters in addition to control of incidents, so organization is a top priority. Thus, having the necessary tools on-hand and easily accessible helps to respond to changing conditions. Custom command centers allow commanders to control the entire incident site from one location.

Extendobed’s mobile command centers usually consist of:

  • file drawers,
  • bookcase enclosures,
  • map boards,
  • removable magnetic command easels,
  • pencil trays,
  • fold-down work tables,
  • and slideout mounting walls for equipment such as self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) tanks.

We’ve been building these types of products for the fire service. We know how to build them to withstand the intense rigors required for this industry.


An organized custom mobile command center can be the difference between life and death. Taking extra time to find equipment or extract it from a messy vehicle could easily mean rescuers don’t reach victims in time to save their lives.

Every critical incident is unique, which is part of what makes firefighting a dangerous occupation. Wildfires behave differently depending on what grasses, trees, and other plants are burning — and depending on the constantly shifting weather conditions. Homes are built from various materials, and some homes contain more explosive hazards than others; thus fire will behave differently for each structure. Extraction tools and firefighter gear differ from incident to incident, so quick and reliable access to gear and tools is critical.


Fighting fires and responding to other dangerous incidents will always involve risk. However, firefighters can take a variety of precautions, from improved equipment to well-planned executable strategies, to reduce danger and keep crews and the public safer.

Back in 2004, the “Everyone Goes Home” Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives were developed to better protect and prepare firefighting crews. In 2004, 107 firefighters lost their lives in the line of duty. In 2017, according to FEMA, the number was down to 86. Because of the implementation of Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives, the number of lives lost has reduced, and the continued advancements in equipment, planning, and accountability strategies has increased.


In Clinton, Michigan, the Clinton Township Fire Department’s custom Extendobed solution allows access to equipment, coolers, air tanks, and other tools from every angle. Easy access means not wasting seconds running around the vehicle or having to park in a specific orientation. Access from all angles also improves efficiency during organization, stocking, cleaning, and repacking.

Another of our customers benefits from a custom Extendobed that helps perform fire pump testing and maintenance. Their 2,000-pound capacity slideout unit, built into their Ford F-250 Service Body truck, makes it easier to access hoses, pipes, and other equipment.

It’s clear from feedback we get from real firefighting crews that good organization for equipment and supplies is a real and continuing issue. We provide custom solutions that support firefighters, from the command center all the way to the fire line.

To read more from happy customers, check out our Facebook page. To get started on your own custom solutions, email us at:


Using the Right Tools Increases Efficiency and Improves Safety

February 19, 2019
100% extension easy organization

Whether you work in law enforcement, fire safety, emergency services, or another professional services field, certain basic tasks are common before you depart for the day: You must ensure that you have all the tools and materials you will need to perform your job, organized in a safe and efficient manner. However, packing up all these tools and materials in the morning and after each job/call takes additional time and can be an organizational challenge. Having everything you need readily available makes a big difference in successfully performing your job — but you also need a safe and efficient method for transporting and quickly accessing your tools, parts, supplies, and equipment.


Safety is essential for workers across all industries, including safe access to equipment and supplies. You don’t want to put your workers in a situation where arriving at every job site causes unnecessary risk. Workers should be able to easily and safely access the tools to do their job, which immediately makes them more productive.

Heavy or awkward equipment can be difficult to get into or out of vehicles, increasing the risk of injury. In addition, equipment or supplies may shift in transit, making it even more difficult to access. Not having easy access as they load or unload their vehicles can easily injure workers’ backs, knees, and shoulders. Such injuries can be costly in terms of workers’ time off the job, potential lost work while they are out, and of course the increase in your workers’ comp insurance rates. Many times, the savings from avoiding even one back injury more than pays for equipment that improves worker safety.

Dangerous equipment and materials, such as firearms and chemicals, need even more careful handling during loading, transport, and unloading. These tools require specialized storage compartments where they can be safely secured, to protect not only the vehicle operator but also bystanders.

Idaho Power Truck Unit


In addition to being safer, having well-organized workspaces on fire, police, and service vehicles also increases efficiency. Workers with well-organized service vehicles don’t have to spend time looking for their tools or supplies because they know right where everything is. Equipment that’s organized and easy to access allows service professionals to complete jobs quickly and finish more jobs in a day. It also reduces time spent on the job site or loading supplies, which lowers overall labor costs to make your proposals even more competitive.

Imagine the difference between packing your tools, equipment, and supplies every morning; climbing into the bed of your truck multiple times at each job site; digging through everything to find the right part or piece of equipment; and then repacking your toolbox and having to re-stow all of your parts, supplies, and equipment back into your truck bed after each job — versus being able to flip a latch; pull out a sliding bed; and select the part or tool needed or access heavy equipment such as tanks, air compressors, or generators without ever having to pick them up. Then after you complete your job you return everything to its place, ready to go for the next job without ever having to climb into the bed of your truck again. Multiply this time savings across every vehicle and every job, and you’ll see a significant increase in productivity and profitability.


Service vehicles are standardized to be useful to many industries — which is great until you have specialized needs for a specific industry. Extendobed creates custom solutions for any industry. Our products maximize your service vehicle’s space to provide efficiency and safety.

Extendobed offers telescoping truck bed extenders and custom enclosures for a variety of use cases. We provide solutions for various law enforcement and fire safety vehicles, as well as solutions for any type of service or work truck. For example:

  • Law enforcement — Equipment storage with containment caging can keep equipment in place, even while driving over rough terrain or at high speeds — making this kind of enclosure ideal for law enforcement or search and rescue vehicles.
  • Fire safety — In a fire support vehicle, our well-organized and easily accessible cubbies can store chemicals, equipment, communication equipment, and other supplies. Command center units are available with electronics panels, fold-down work tables, and dry-erase easels.
  • Government — Municipalities can use custom Extendobed installations to support water, power, or other utility workers with solutions that accommodate their specific needs.
  • Oil & gas, utilities, power, and pest control — All these industries can benefit from our custom storage and hauling solutions, with equipment mounted on slides and in cubbies designed to meet your specifications — so that everything stays put, even in rough transit, but is easily accessible once on the job site.
  • Other specialized industries — Commercial door installers can go from manually loading and unloading doors into their service trucks or walk-in trailers to being able to forklift-on and forklift-off their doors.
  • All industries — For any industry, our bookcase enclosures are designed to keep information, procedures, and forms in sensible order, with a place for everything.
pickup truck bed extender, slide out truck bed storage, extendobed
industrial truck bed pull out storage, work truck bed organizer, heavy duty drawer slides for trucks, extendobed

Regardless of the industry, Extendobed’s installations keep tools, equipment, and supplies right at workers’ fingertips, maximizing efficiency and ensuring safety. With a wide variety of fixed units and sliding units for easier access, Extendobed’s applications are virtually endless.

The more complex and competitive our professional environments become, the more important it is to have quick, easy, and safe access to well-organized tools, equipment, and supplies — which quickly pays for itself in increased productivity and reduced work injuries. Find out why Extendobed is the best-in-class solution to customize your mobile work space by emailing us at


Overlanding Units for Your Adventure Rig

September 10, 2018
overlanding units

Summer is coming to a close but we are by no means finished with the outdoors. Extendobed Overlanding Units are custom configured to fit your outdoor rig. Our slideouts store your equipment safely, efficiently, and out of the way until you need it. Haul your tents, coolers, and even a four wheeler for those tough to get to spots on the upper platform. Stock your fridge slide with cold beverages, grab your camping gear out of the heavy duty drawers, and use the fold down table for prepping the BBQ. Each unit is equipped with activity-based storage drawers, reinforced platforms, and full extension drawers for easy use.

As seasons change so do adventure needs, we are going to highlight some of our favorite overlanding units to get your rig ready for action!

overland expo east

Sawtooth Unit

This featured fishing unit is approved by the anglers at Extendobed. This unit includes:
  • Heavy duty 60″ drawers
  • Full-length fridge slide
  • Easy access accessory drawer
  • MOLLE compatible 
  • Full-extension locking drawer
truck bed camping storage

Astoria Unit

This featured camping/overlanding unit was created in partnership with Bomber Products. This unit includes:
  • Stationary unit
  • Multi-level upper platform
  • Full-length fridge slide
  • Heavy-duty locking drawer
  • Easy-access accessory drawer
  • MOLLE compatible
survival slide overlanding and camping unit

Rainier Unit

This featured hunting unit is approved by both novice and skilled hunters at Extendobed. This unit includes:
  • Aluminum construction 
  • Full-extension locking drawer
  • Reinforced, oversized upper platform
  • Storage for guns, bow/arrows, etc
  • Insulated cooler drawers
  • Slideout table 
  • Easy-access accessory drawer
overlanding rig unit

Glacier Unit

This featured hunting unit is approved by both novice and skilled hunters at Extendobed. This unit includes:
  • Stationary unit
  • Multi-level upper platform
  • Full-length fridge slide with additional drawer / stove slide
  • Heavy-duty locking drawer
  • Easy-access accessory drawer
  • MOLLE compatible

These units were all custom designed and built to the specification of our clients. Whether you are a a leisure camper or intense rock crawler we have a solution for you. For more information on our units or to get designing today, don’t hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at (208) 455-2707 or shoot us an email at


Why Extendobed Belongs on Every Construction Site

August 31, 2018

Extendobed is designed to make your pickup truck or work van more efficient and versatile with it’s full extension slideout storage system. Working on a construction site is not an easy job, which is why we designed a unit to make day-to-day work more accessible and organized.


Skip the extra bending and lifting, Extendobed allows contractors to work more efficiently with tools and hardware pulling out at waist height. Our full extension construction units will get you on and off the job quicker, while cutting down on injuries. Extendobeds can include compartments, drawers, platforms and more, allowing you to fit more equipment in your vehicle.


Designed with space in mind, Extendobed maximizes storage space in your work vehicle. We take pride in the custom designs created to fit specific needs of every vehicle, lifestyle or profession.  

Cono-Phillips Unit 

This featured construction unit is approved by natural gas and oil industry professionals globally. This unit includes:
  • Reinforced Upper Platform with Containment
  • Over 100% extension
  • Up to 3,000 lbs capacity
  • Mounting Wall
  • Pull-Out Tray
extendobed belongs on every construction site

Lumber Slip Rack Unit

This featured lumber unit is approved by local framers and builders here in Idaho. This unit includes:
  • Upper Platform with Containment
  • Over 100% extension
  • Up to 3,000 lbs capacity
  • Lumber Rack
  • Storage Beneath Lumber Rack
construction truck slideout unit

Service Body Slideout Unit

This featured industrial construction unit is heavy door approved. This unit includes:
  • Reinforced No-Lip, Steel Platform Deck
  • Over 100% Extension
  • Up to 3,000 lbs Capacity

Each of our units are custom; designed and built with the specifications of our clients. Whether you’re job site requires a quick unload/load or lengthy building projects we have the perfect unit for you. For more information on our units or to begin designing a construction unit, don’t hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at (208) 455-2707 or shoot us an email at


Extendobed: The Custom Aftermarket Accessory

August 14, 2018

When customizing your dream car, you reserve the right to be picky; aftermarket accessories offer endless options and modifications. Extendobed custom utility slide-outs improve organization and accessibility in cars, sport-utility vehicles, and trucks. Our frame and deck units can be customized for any make and model. Looking for compartments, drawers, platforms, or extension trays in your vehicle? Extendobed can design and build it.


Extendobed products are designed with space in mind allowing you to maximize on storage space in your new vehicle. We take pride in the custom designs created to fit specific needs of every vehicle, lifestyle or profession.

custom aftermarket accessory

Car Unit

This featured car unit maximizes security in your trunk with a locking latch. This unit includes:
  • Diamond-plate aluminum construction
  • Full-extension locking drawers 
extendobed aftermarket accessory

SUV Unit

This featured SUV unit adds storage, organization, and security to any size SUV. This unit includes:
  • Diamond-plate aluminum construction
  • Full-extension locking drawer
  • Locking storage compartment
  • Additional storage compartments
stationary truck bed organization

Truck Unit

This featured truck unit increases usability of any pick-up bed and adds security with locking latches. This unit includes:
  • Diamond-plate aluminum construction
  • Full-extension locking drawers
  • Safety screen

Each of our units are custom; designed and built with the specifications of our clients. Whether you’re purchasing a car, SUV, or truck we can build the perfect unit for your lifestyle. For more information on our units or to begin designing your aftermarket accessory, don’t hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at (208) 455-2707 or shoot us an email at


Agriculture Units for Modern Day Farmers

July 30, 2018

As a farmer or rancher each day requires strenuous work under the sun with a variety of tools and equipment to make a profit. Designed with space in mind, Extendobed products allow you to be more efficient on the job. We take pride in the custom designs created to fit specific needs of every vehicle on your property.

With a durable, long-lasting unit that offers 100% extension and the ability to carry up to 3,000lbs you can stop climbing into the back of your truck for tools and equipment. We design custom units for every type of vehicle. Extendobed custom builds units to offer support to each aspect of Agriculture.

Agriculture unit

Agriculture Unit

This featured agriculture unit is approved by ranchers and farmers here in Idaho. This unit includes:
  • Reinforced platform
  • Over 100% extension
  • Up to 3,000 lbs capacity
  • Fold down gates
  • E-track (multi-point tie downs)
farrier truck organizer, slide out truck bed storage, extendobed

Farrier Unit

This featured farrier unit was custom designed for a local client needing reliable organization. This unit includes:
  • Steel or aluminum deck
  • Narrow tool rack with containment caging
  • Storage Compartments
  • Shoe racks (between 16 to 60) with optional drawer
agriculture truck bed organizer

Ranch Unit

This featured ranch unit is approved by ranchers and slideout unit owners at Extendobed. This unit includes:
  • Reinforced, oversize upper platform
  • Full extension drawers 
  • Insulated cooler drawers
  • From 75% up to 100% extension
  • 1,000 lb to 3,000 lb capacity

Our units are designed to allow farmers to get on and off the field efficiently, quicker loading and unloading of tools, crops, and equipment. Save time and bodies by eliminating bending, lifting, and reaching to the end of the truck bed. These units were all custom designed and built to the specification of our clients. Whether you are a farrier, rancher or farmer, we have a solution for you. For more information on our units or to get designing today, don’t hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at (208) 455-2707 or shoot us an email at



July 25, 2018

news + blog

fire command center unit

Federal Emergency Funds Available to Buy Equipment

Last week the US Congress passed a $2.2 trillion emergency spending bill that includes money to support fire departments to get the equipment they need. This includes funds in which the federal government will cover 75% of the cost of this equipment. These funds are for, among other things: Mobile Command Vehicles Specialized Mission Vehicle (CBRNE) Specialized Emergency Management Vehicle Extendobed makes units designed for Mobile Command Centers, HazMat, Investigation, First Response & Rescue and

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Extendobed Pesticide/Multipurpose Slide Out Unit

5 Pest Control Truck Customizations to Improve the Way You Work

How can pest control technicians complete more service calls in a day, making them more efficient and productive for their companies? With strong competition continually pushing prices down, it is critical that pest control companies reduce costs per service call. Reducing time at a job site allows companies to service more customers daily, reducing their costs over their competitors. In addition, from crawling into tight spaces and balancing on roofs to encountering pests that sting

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pickup bed storage boxes, full extension truck bed slides, work truck bed organizer, extendobed

Law and Traffic Enforcement Solutions

Regardless of your job, having an organized workspace where everything you need is at your fingertips is important. And if you’re a crime scene investigator, SWAT team member, or traffic control technician, your “workspace” is wherever you’re needed at that moment. In law and traffic enforcement, it’s especially critical (and even at times lifesaving) that your work vehicle become your mobile “command center,” with all your tools and equipment ready, organized, and safe from damage

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Make Your Work Vehicle Work for You: Installations for Every Industry

Regardless of the industry, if you depend on a work vehicle to haul and store tools and equipment, you need a system that works for you. Not only do you need to keep tools and equipment undamaged during transport, but you also need to find what you’re looking for quickly when on the job. Expensive equipment and toolboxes also need to be protected from theft; and heavy equipment needs to be stored so that it’s

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work truck bed organizer, truck box sliding drawers, truck bed cargo organizer, extendobed

Protect Yourself with an Organized and Safe Service Vehicle

For those who utilize service vehicles to perform their jobs, the probability of suffering a workplace injury is high. In fact, the top worker compensation claims involve overexertion and repetitive stress injuries, as well as slips, trips, and falls. These types of injuries result in lost work, decreased productivity, and increased health care costs — and in the worst case a life-long disability. Service vehicles present many opportunities for these injuries to occur, especially if

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extendobed, custom truck bed storage, full extension truck bed slides, heavy duty truck bed organizer

Accessorize Your Mobile Working Environment for Optimal Efficiency

There is no limit to the number and types of accessories available to customize mobile working environments. Regardless of your role within fire, law enforcement, or industrial services, there are dozens of accessories designed to make your work life easier — and they just might save a life. Efficiency is of paramount importance at Extendobed. We know that efficiency not only helps professionals and law enforcement officers do their jobs but can also be the difference

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These 7 Truck Accessories Will Improve Your Overlanding Experience

February 16, 2018

accessories to improve overlanding

Overlanding adventures are one of the fastest growing trends in travel. This type of travel typically includes covering long distances in an off-road vehicle where the experience is more important than the destination. Overlanding differs from traditional camping by relying heavily on your vehicle and committing to a minimal self-sustaining lifestyle. A standard overlanding trip will steer far away from industrialized areas and their luxuries. This means you need to make sure your truck is well equipped with the necessary devices to support your backcountry adventure.

  • Extendobed®

    For nearly 30 years, Extendobed has put our units to work in some of the toughest environments imaginable. From life-threatening situations to everyday job responsibilities, you can count on Extendobed to perform anywhere, any day of the week. Manufactured in the USA and built to last, Extendobed creates high-quality custom-designed truck bed extenders, truck bed organizers and more.



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